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  2. The best Mexican restaurants on Deliveroo, let's taco 'bout it!
The best Mexican restaurants on Deliveroo, let's taco 'bout it!

The best Mexican restaurants on Deliveroo, let's taco 'bout it!

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Get your best salsa moves out of the closet for the Cinco de Mayo! Or maybe you prefer the salsa on your taco? We bring you the best Mexican restaurants on Deliveroo. Buen provecho!

Mex Y Fresh


Picture this: you find yourself being in Liège, it's raining and a very loud war is raging in your stomach. To keep things short, you are hungry( dare we say HANGRY) and in desperate need of a little bit of sun on your plate.

We've got just the place for you! Mex Y Fresh offers you secret recipes(always super great), using only the freshest ingredients. Oh, did we fail the mention that you can be your own chef? We aren't joking, make your own burrito, taco or ensalades! You only have to choose your favorite ingredients and voilà Mex Y Fresh does the rest. We highly recommend the homemade salsa with chips. Yum!


Are you an urbanite with a love for mexican food, than Mixco in Antwerp is your new place to be!


When I say Mexican food, the first thing that comes to mind are nachos, tacos, burritos… And believe me, they are awesome but have you heard about huevos divorciados?It's a delicious dish made with two fried eggs, one covered in salsa roja(red) and one covered in salsa verde(green), separated from each other by a line of beans or chilaquiles. Sounds like we just divorced from everyday boring food and went into Mexican heaven. If this doesn't make you drool, you can always order there mouthwatering quesadillas.

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La Esquina MexicanaDeliveroo

A key Mexican food item still missing from our list in the sizzling Chorizo. When thinking about this pork sausage, we associate it with Spain. Did you know that the Mexican chorizo uses native chili peppers? Hot right?! At La Esquina Mexicana in Brussels, you can find the famous chorizo quesadillas with caramelized onions. We highly recommend.

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Chez Wawa

Are you feeling like Mexican food with a different edge? Chez Wawa in Brussels serves a Mexican party with a Californian twist. Perfect for a themed dinner date with friends. What about tortilla chips with an extra hot inferno sauce? Ay, Caramba! We can feel the heat! Deliveroo

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In the heart of the historical center of Ghent, we find a little piece of Mexican heaven, Chapo's. Here you can find some of the most sumptuous chilli con carne, burritos and so much more! Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

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Waterloo is the city of heroes and Ancho is the best place to enjoy heroic Mexican dishes. With this we mean dishes fit for you! From tacos to nachos, from ceviche to chili con carne, they've got it all. Plus, you can order a mix of 4 different sides. Perfect for those who love trying everything on the menu. We approve!

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Did all these peppers make you hot all over and feeling like a quesadilla? Discover more on Deliveroo!

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