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6 yummy dishes you can eat at Skybar in Antwerp!

6 yummy dishes you can eat at Skybar

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A night out with friends whilst enjoying the best view of Antwerp? Skybar is the place to be! Sip on some fresh cocktails, enjoy the nicest beats and have the best time ever with your friends. And if that makes you hungry, don't leave the fun! We've got you covered with awesome food. But now the hard part: choosing what to eat! Here are six yummy dishes to enjoy at Skybar.

Here are 6 yummy dishes you can eat at Skybar!

1. The amazing balls from Balls & Glory


You know what they say, no balls, no glory. Same goes for your dinner! Already tried a meatball from Balls & Glory? Chicken or spice, or something veggie to make it nice. Accompanied by the greatest stoemp you'll ever try (beside your mom's, but she's not on Deliveroo, is she?) and sauce that will make you want more.

2. The fantastic fish and chips from Bia Mara


Aren't Fish and Chips the best thing to eat with friends? The best seafood with the best view in town comes from Bia Mara. To share or not to share, that's up to you! But if we were you, we'd keep all that good stuff to ourselves…

3. The mouthwatering burgers from Ellis Gourmet Burger


We all love Ellis! On the train, at the office or on top of a Skybar. Ellis Gourmet Burger never disappoints. These delicious burgers will make you feel like you're on top of the world… oh wait, you already are. Best of all, you don't even have to leave Skybar to get them. Take a sip and wait for that goodness to arrive!

4. The wonderful sushi from Umi Sushi


You can never go wrong with sushi! Get a big boat full of sushi with your friends to share. Maki, Nigiri or even Pad Thai? You are definitely going to be THE coolest people of this party.

5. The delicious Dim Sum's from Lucy Chang


Dim Sums just always work, with meat or without, to share or to devour all by yourself, Dim Sum is the way to go! You can also order Pad Thai but we don't guarantee the cleanliness of your shirt afterward...

6. Tarbot with lobster and leek from L'épicerie du Cirque


Tarbot with homemade ravioli of lobster and dragon, steamed leek and crispy turnip. Sounds amazing right? We'll, it's one of the fantastic meals you can eat from L'épicerie du Cirque. Besides amazing meals like these, they also have appetizers to share! So fancy!


Skybar in Antwerp is open from the 1st of july and stays open all summer (from 4pm until midnight) for several events and happenings. The food menu is composed of meals from Balls & Glory, Bia Mara, Ellis Gourmet Burger, Umi Sushi, Lucy Chang and L'épicerie du Cirque. You can make a reservation on here. Questions? Shoot all your wonders and doubts at info@skybarantwerp.com.

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