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  2. Manhattn’s is now available on Deliveroo
Manhattn’s is now on Deliveroo

Manhattn’s is now available on Deliveroo

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Great news, the most popular burger place in Brussels  has reopened its kitchen for pick-up  and delivery exclusively on Deliveroo! If you haven't tried them yet, beware, Manhattn's burgers are most likely to become your next food addiction.

Forget anything you knew about burgers, fasten your seatbelts, and embark with us on this journey to discover this holy Grail made of fresh buns, cheese, beef and everything that will make your mouth water.

A one-way ticket to the City That Never Sleeps


After wandering the streets of New York with their food truck, Jerry Vandermeulen and his brother Phil Vandermeulen decided to open their first Manhattn's restaurant in2014  in the Louiza neighbourhood for the greatest pleasure of burger aficionados. We could not be more thankful: they brought us the unique "made in New York" burger feeling right in the centre of Europe and now right to your door. Travelling may not be possible anymore but ordering at Manhattn's will guarantee you a trip to the City That Never Sleeps at every bite!

A unique approach for a mind-blowing menu


At Manhattn's, they like to blend burgers like one would blend Bordeaux wine and after 2 years of development, they have perfected what only the"The Big Apple" ever could give. This is what dreams are made of;  flamed grilled burger patties made of grass-Fed Irish Angus Beef, handcrafted and daily baked brioche buns based on an original recipe from a Little Italian bakery, premium cheese and local fresh potatoes cooked twice to honour their Belgian Heritage… No wonders they have grown so popular.

As if it was not enough, their expertise is not limited to finding the finest and freshest ingredients; these two masterminds have designed mouth-watering recipes like the epic Gatsby burger and a menu that can cater to everyone: veggies burgers, salads, milkshakes, homemade tea and even « Broadway specials », some unique recipes that vary throughout the year.

Exclusively on Deliveroo


Thanks to our exclusive partnership with Manhattn's, you can now order their famous burgers on the website or via the app to pick it up yourself or to get it delivered to your door during this lockdown period. Want to get  the full Manhattn's experience? Click here and listen to their epic Spotify playlist to get you in the New York state of mind.

The Manhattn's team has introduced strict procedures to ensure the security and hygiene of all the staff and clients. We at Deliveroo ensure safe and contact-free.

An authentic NYC burger on your couch is now a dream come true! Just one click on Deliveroo

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