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Hanoi Square : Slurp that soup

Hanoi Square: Slurp that soup

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There's nothing like a warming bowl of soup to pick you up in Winter. Spicy, fragrant and rich, filled with bouncy noodles…Who said soup has to be boring? Pho, pronounced 'fuh', is a dream come true: an aromatic soup with rice noodles.

Vietnamese cuisine is all about herbs, vegetables and rice met with intense flavours like soy, fish sauce, lemongrass, lime and ginger. It's also considered one of the healthiest cuisines in the world and it's not often that you get the holy trinity of healthy, delicious and rich all in one dish. The people behind Hanoi Square are looking to inspire you by serving delicious Pho that are freshly prepared and with a traditional taste from Hanoi since february 2016.

Beef, Chicken or vegetables ?

Pho Bo


Beef soup

Pho Chay


Vegetarian soup

Pho Ga


Chicken soup

Hungry yet? Pick your favourite soup dish and get it delivered to your door still warm through here.

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