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big flavour, small prices

Brussels, Leuven, Liège: big flavours, small prices!

We've dropped our minimum order to €5 in Brussels, Leuven and Liège for a limited time!

We are all too happy to prove that an amazing meal needn't break the bank. So if you fancy a delicious breakfast, looking for a dinner for one or if you've got champagne tastes on a cava budget, fill your belly with some of these amazing cheap eats.

Huggy's Dogs


Homemade with local ingredients, the gourmet hot dogs from Huggy's Dogs will transport you to the centre of Manhattan. A soft bun, an authentic Frankfurter and amazing toppings!

Big California: €5

Brussels and Liège



Great for a light snack, lunch at the office or dinner on the go, a good quiche is always the right answer.

Crusty on the outside and creamy within. Vege or quiche lorraine?

Quiche: €5,2




A healthy lifestyle is not about giving up what you love most. It's about balance and enjoying every delicious bite. Please yourself and order Le Formidable. You truly deserve it!

Le formidable: €5,65




Let's face it – when anyone says 'let's get a wok' you feel both excited and comforted in anticipation of what's to come. Hungry? Choose your favourite ingredients and order the medium size.

Wok: €5,9


Le Pain Quotidien


No need to look any further, we have your 'parfait' start of the day; layers of rich organic yogurt and crunchy granola topped off with fresh seasonal fruits for a filling and healthy breakfast!

Granola: €6,7

Brussels, Liège

La Poutine à Ti-Bi


We bring Canada's soulfood. Poutine is the compilation of everything we love about comfort food: a big plate of fries topped with gravy and cheese.

La Poutine à Ti-Bi: €7,5


Ba.Ba.Bagel Bakery Deliveroo

It's lunch time and your stomach just rumbled. So there's only one thing for it – it's time to order a bagel.

Chicken, guacamole, onion crunch and cheddar. What else?

Grilled Chicken Bagel: €7,5


Ice Cream Store


No need to listen out for the ice-cream van. We'll deliver ice cream to your door. Classic, almond or white?

It's up to you!

Magnum pint: €7,5

Brussels, Leuven

Mex Y Fresh


Craving Mexican food? You only have to choose your favorite ingredients and Mex Y Fresh does the rest. Our suggestion: a delicious burrito. Buen provecho!

Burrito: €7,9




Aloha! Fresh, healthy and super delicious, this Hawaiian superstar is going up in the world.

Citrus Salmon: €7,9


Croque'n Roll


If you like the French classic croque-monsieur, you're going to love the Mr Big Bopper from Croque'n Roll:

Double croque-monsieur with cheese and ham. Simply tasty!

Mr Big Bopper: €9,5


Get your favourite food delivered now from €5. It's only for a limited time!

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