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A change to your delivery fee

A change to your Deliveroo fee

Many riders in Belgium work with Deliveroo under our Peer to Peer model. Peer to Peer offers riders the flexibility to work when they want, allowing them to start working quickly and easily. This model is particularly important to student riders and those who intend to only work with us for a short period.

To ensure you have access to the widest pool of riders to deliver orders to you, we will be making some changes to ensure that how we work with restaurants, riders and customers better reflects the requirements of the Peer to Peer model.

From 8 October, the customer delivery fee will now reflect the payment made to the Peer to Peer rider for that order, giving you full visibility of what your Peer to Peer rider earns every time you use Deliveroo.

Before check-out, we will also offer you a credit towards the cost of your food. This credit keeps the delivery fee you are paying to your rider fair and keeps the amount you spend on Deliveroo similar to what it has always been. You don't need anything to take advantage of this. We believe this will help to ensure that we always offer fair fees to riders and a great price for you - and that you have access to the widest pool of available riders to ensure your food is delivered as quick as possible.

We're looking forward to bringing you more delicious food from your favourite restaurants soon.

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