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5 perfect Quick moments!

5 perfect Quick moments!

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There are some moments in life only Quick can solve. And in those moments you really don't need someone judging or saying to you: 'Are you really going to eat all that?!'. From now on you can order 1,2,3 or more giants without feeling guilty at home. We've listed 5 key Quick moments below. Read to find out!

1. Traumatizing dinner parties

We all have that friend, family member or colleague that believes he or she is a terrific cook. No need to hurt their feelings by telling the actual truth. There are several options. First is to suffer and pretend that every bite isn't killing your taste buds one by one. Second, you could fake a change of lifestyle (veganism comes to mind) or even more drastic; a new sudden allergy. Both options are long-term and discovery could result in the end of your friendship. Let's not go so far. Quick is the perfect solution for you. So don't just go to Quick right after a dinner party, you never know who you'll meet. Order Quick at home and wash away all food horrors with a Big Bacon, a Supreme Chicken and extra large fries.

2. Party time

Parties are the best. Key ingredients to every successful party: friends, good music, plenty of drinks & a top atmosphere. Now, preparation can take up a lot of time and cooking is really not an option. Also, you need the right kind of fuel to be able to keep dancing the whole night. Quick is there for you before, during and after a party. So spare yourself the trip to your local Quick restaurant and deliver it right to your home or party.

3. Hangover cure

Let's face it, there is but one sort of food that can cure even the worst kind of hangover and that's fast food. Lot's of it preferably. The only annoying problem; you have to leave your bed to get it, which can be quite a challenge depending on the state of your hangover. So it's safe to say that Quick and Deliveroo are a match made in hangover heaven. We may not own the exact cure, but we sure can deliver it!

4. A tough work day

You just had the worst kind of day at work, filled with long useless meetings and pointless conversations. The worst is sadly not over yet; over 200 emails are waiting for your undivided attention and there are probably deadlines you aren't even aware of. Correct us if we're wrong, but we believe that having a healthy balanced meal is the last thing on your mind. Let's not even start with going to the grocery store to buy vegetables and wash, cook and flavour them at home. On these days it's ok to please yourself and order the King Fish, Big Pepper or anything you want. You truly deserve it!

5. Treat yourself

You've just announced on social media(by association the world) that from now on you've fully embraced a healthy lifestyle. That last thing you need is to be discovered at Quick, eating 2 burgers all on your own. Talk about an embarrassing moment!

A healthy lifestyle is not about giving up what you love most. It's about balance and enjoying every delicious bite. Of course, we are talking about food. So if what you love most is a large Giant menu with Chicken Fingers on the side, we are here for you. The secret stays between you and Deliveroo. We promise to never kiss and tell!  

So Quick order here.

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