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Win a deliveroo lunch for your team

Win a deliveroo lunch for your team

Deliveroo for Business offers the chance to try out their service this week! Five companies will have the chance to win a lunch for their team. The winner gets 1000 euros credit for a team lunch while the other four companies receive a voucher worth 100 euros*. Let's not pretend you are not already dreaming about everything you could order with this credit! Just to give you some inspiration:


Ba.Ba Bagel Bakery


Sushi Shop


Würst Antwerpen

If you want to participate, follow this link and surprise us with your answers: https://dlvroo.it/winafreelunch

But first things first, what is Deliveroo for Business exactly? It is the perfect solution to spice up lunch meetings or dinners for late night workers.

Some of the many advantages of Deliveroo for Business are:

•        It's really quick and easy to order – just a few clicks.

•        No tickets to expense, invoices to compress – you just get all orders on one invoice at the end of the month along with a detailes overview per person/ project.

•        You'll get your own corporate Account Manager to help for all specific demands (e.g. big lunches).

•        Account admins get full control and visibility via our user portal (e.g. you can vary spending limits for specific people).

•        You can track your order from the kitchen to your office with our easy to use app.

How does this sound? Have a look at our website for more information or to subscribe in 5 minutes time: https://deliveroo.be/en/business/about.

* Terms and conditions

1.        The Deliveroo for Business lunch contest (subsequently referred to as 'the Action') is organized by Deliveroo Belgium ltd., Munsterstraat 10, 1000 Brussels (referred to as 'Deliveroo' within the document). 2.        The Action is valid from 16 April 2018 9 a.m. until 20 April 2018 5 p.m. (hereafter referred to as 'the Action Period'). 3.        Participation in this Action is free of charge and is open to any participant over 18 who works in a company located in the delivery area of Deliveroo in Brussels, Antwerp or Ghent. 4.        Employees of Deliveroo and its suppliers, as well as those who are (in)directly involved in the organization of this Action, are excluded from participating in this Action. 5.        The Action consists of filling out a form on https://deliveroo-belgium.typeform.com/to/kostUr whereby the participant fills out his/her name, email address, company name and details and some details regarding the facilities services within the company. The participant must indicate on the form in an original way why his or her company must win the lunch in order to win one of the 5 prizes. If a submission is lost, Deliveroo cannot be held liable for this. 6.        After ending the Action on 20 April 2018, Deliveroo will select five winners with the most original entries (they have described in an original way why they should win the lunch, this is the main criteria on which Deliveoo will select the winner). The winners will be informed by Deliveroo on 23 April 2018 via email. The winner of the main prize will receive a lunch worth EUR 1000 for the whole company where the winner works. The order credit can be spent at a Deliveroo affiliated restaurant of your choice within the delivery area of the winner's company. Deliveroo will make arrangements with the winning company about the content of the lunch. It is not possible to take lunch elsewhere than at the specified office address. The 4 winners of the EUR 100 prizes will receive an order credit of EUR 100 on a Deliveroo account. The order credit can be spent at one or more Deliveroo affiliated restaurants within the delivery area of the winner's company. 7.        If the winners do not reply within 1 working day after our notification and indicate the acceptance of the prize, Deliveroo has the right to select an alternative winner. The prize must be awarded no later than 24 April 2018. 8.        This Action is subject to the Terms and Conditions. By participating in the Action, the participant accepts the applicability of the terms and conditions of the Action and declares its agreement with the content of the terms and conditions of the Action. 9.        Prizes are not transferable and not exchangeable for cash or for prizes with a similar value. It is impossible to communicate on the result. In case of refusal of this prize, Deliveroo may select another participant. 10.        Deliveroo reserves the right to disqualify and/or exclude any participant from participation if the concerning participant acts in any way contrary to the Terms & Conditions or otherwise unlawfully towards Deliveroo or third parties. 11.        Through participation in the Action, the participant accepts that personal data will be registered and used by Deliveroo for the purposes of carrying out the Action. Deliveroo meets all relevant privacy laws and regulations with regard to the processing of personal data. Personal data are not disclosed to third parties or used for any purpose other than this Action. 12.        Deliveroo and agents and/or third parties engaged by Deliveroo cannot be held liable for damage that may in any way result from (the participation in) this Action and/or the prizes made available by Deliveroo. Deliveroo and the agents and/or third parties engaged by Deliveroo can also not be held responsible for any technical issues, defects or delays with regard to the designation of the winner or the participation in the Action. 13.        The participant warrants that all data obtained by Deliveroo under this Action is accurate, up-to-date and complete. 14.        Deliveroo reserves the right to change or supplement the Terms and Conditions of this Action at any time without making any further announcement. The changes or additions may not be to the detriment of the participant. Annulment or declaration of invalidity of one of the clauses contained in this Regulation shall in no way affect the validity of the other clauses. 15.        By participating in this Action, the winner consents (in advance), free of charge to Deliveroo, the use of their name for reasonable promotional activities (such as publicity and photography). Some video footage of the lunch (of the main winner) will be made and used by Deliveroo for promotional purposes. The winner is informed about this video footage since it is mentioned on the first page of this questionnaire (typeform). 16.        Deliveroo Customer Service can be contacted free of charge for questions and/or complaints via +32 28 95 40 50 or by e-mail via corporate@deliveroo.be. Deliveroo will respond to questions and/or complaints as soon as possible. 17.        Deliveroo will take care of any payable gambling tax. 18.        Any comment or complaint with regard to the present rules will be sent by registered letter, at the latest 5 working days after the closing of the competition, to the following address: Munsterstraat 10, 1000 Brussels. 19.        This action is subject to Belgian law, in case of dispute only the Belgian courts are competent. Rules of Procedure established in Brussels, 13/04/2018

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