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A Meal Deal with friends

Share a meal with friends and Lipton Ice Tea

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This week-end is the international day of friendship! The perfect occasion to call all the people who are important to you whether you talk to them everyday or haven't in a while. Gather all your friends and prepare the perfect night to catch up (on gossips or on the new season of Game of Thrones). Let's Go! We partnered up with Lipton Ice Tea to offer you cool deals to top that night off: a refreshing Lipton Ice Tea for only €1 delivered with your favourite dish. Check below the participating restaurants.

Les Super Filles du Tram


Can't decide which one to order? Cut your burger in half and share the love! Order a New York, a Classic or a Big Joe to get your Lipton Ice Tea for €1.

Where: Les Super Filles du Tram in Brussels

Knees To Chin


Lunch is the new brunch! Healthy rolls for juicy gossips from the night before. Knees To Chin rolls paired with the Original Lipton Ice Tea in the garden, seems like a plan!

 Where: Knees To Chin in Bailli or in the center of Brussels



After a big night out, Finjan got your back! Tabouleh, Varkenspita or Kipshoarma ? Let's throw a big feast and share it all together!

Where: Finjan in Antwerp

Paul's Boutique


Devour those burgers with your hands, if they are real friends they won't care about the way you eat! Paris-Texas, Chewbacca and a Manifesto served with a Lipton Ice Tea of course!

Where: Paul's Boutique in Antwerp



You know this moment when you have so much to tell that you forgot that the fridge is empty and everybody's hungry? Look at this picture, it could be your table in just 30 minutes! #happyfriends

Where: Bavet in Antwerp and Ghent 

Bar Carlsberg


What should we do tonight? Burgers and bubbly Lipton Ice Tea!

Order the Classico this week-end to get the deal! We are coming over in no time.

Where: Bar Carlsberg in Liège

Au Cèdre


What happened during those holidays? Au Cèdre has prepared a special menu just for you two. We know that there will be a lot to tell that night!

Where: Au Cèdre in Liège

Pizza Cosy


Looking for a deal? Here is a sweet one: if you order a pizza Cacciatore, your Lipton Ice Tea is at €1 this week-end. Pizza party tonight?

Where: Pizza Cosy in Liège

To benefit from the Lipton Ice Tea Meal Deal, order one of the selected dishes on Deliveroo from one of the restaurants above. Offer valid only this weekend (29-30/07).

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