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A Meal Deal with to share with friends

Sunny days, delicious food and Lipton Ice Tea… The perfect combination

Sunny weather outside, friends gathering in the park, delicious food and a refreshing Ice Tea. A match made for summer nights. Let the days in the office be short and the evenings be long!

We partnered up with Lipton Ice Tea again to offer you cool deals to top off every meal: a refreshing Lipton Ice Tea for only €1 delivered with your favourite dish. Check out below four of the participating restaurants.

Paul's Boutique Station


Devour those burgers with your hands, if they are real friends they won't care about the way you eat. Paris-Texas, Chewbacca and a Manifesto served with a Lipton Ice Tea of course!

Where: Paul's Boutique Station in Ghent

Croque N' Roll


Can't decide which one to order? Go to Croque N' Roll and give  half of your croque and share the love! Order a Mr Big Popper,  Sunny Gale, Bono, Buddy Holly or Iggy Pop  to get your Lipton Ice Tea for €1.

Where: Croque N' Roll in Leuven



After a long day in the office, Delitraiteur got your back! Penne four cheeses, Lasagne Bolognaise or Imperial Noodles ? Sit back,relax and enjoy one of these dishes in the sun.  

Where: Delitraiteur in Brussels

Eat Wings


Looking for a deal? Here is a spicy one: if you order 9 or 12 wings, your Lipton Ice Tea is at €1 this week-end. Wing-it party theme tonight?  

Where: Eat Wings in Antwerpen

To benefit from the Lipton Ice Tea Meal Deal, click on the purple banner in the deliveroo app to see all the participation restaurants in your neighbourhood. Or go to Deliveroo and look out for the Meal Deal tag.

Offer valid only next Wednesday (9 -16/05). Only in Brussels, Antwerp, Leuven and Ghent.

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