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This calls for a game night!

This calls for a game night!

Knowledge is Power, That's You!, Singstar Celebration and Hidden Agenda… What's it gonna be? A beer in one hand, the controller in the other. The atmosphere is set. But do not be mistaken, emotions will run high!

What's missing between the PlayStation, your mates, a six-pack and your couch? Good food of course!

Burgers, tacos, sushis & pizzas, all welcome! On one condition though… The food has to be within reach and preferably no cooking involved. You absolutely don't want to miss one second of your game. No chance of letting your friend have a higher hit rate. We've got the win-win situation; a meal deal at your favourite restaurant, especially catered for a gaming session.


We've got even more reasons to celebrate! If you order on deliveroo.be, using the code PLAYSTATION4, you've got a shot at winning a brand new PlayStation 4 (500GB), say what?!! Yes, we aren't playing around. The more you order, the more chances you have at winning! PS: the code gives you free delivery as well!

We're also giving away 8 x 4 new PlayLink games; SingStar Celebration, Knowledge is Power, That's You! en Hidden Agenda. Cool, right? With Playlink you play with friends and family, using your smartphone or tablet as your controller, PS4 not included. Adventure and mental challenges! GO, GO, GO!

DeliverooTortillas y Nachos


Are you man enough to handle the heat? Then Mexican food is your cuisine for the night. Who can eat the hottest pepper without sweating? Now that's a challenge on its own... For those who rather enjoy than suffer, we recommend you order some tortillas, burritos, fajitas, enchiladas or quesadillas. Top places are CHEZWaWa or Mex y Fresh. Nachos with your muchachos!

Würst, the king of hotdogs!


 Try eating a hotdog without making a mess, mission impossible right?! At Würst every bit is delicious. So one might not be enough. We recommend ordering at least two. After all, you need the fuel to keep on going! You can find Würst in Antwerp, Gent and Leuven.

 Pizza, what else?


Pizza is your go-to dish for a PlayStation night with your friends! Let's face it, who doesn't love a good old-fashioned pizza margherita. At Otomat in Antwerp and Gent, you get the best of the best when it comes to pizza in so many flavours, it will drive you nuts.

 I Like a Greasy Burger and Fries


What is it with burgers that makes them so irresistible? Not to mention perfect for a gaming night. We bow down for the burgers from Be Burger …. Simply divine. You'll need to let go of your controller because these burgers deserve all your attention! You can find Be Burger in Waterloo and 2 locations in Brussels; Place du Lux and Stockel.

 Sushi is always a good idea


During a raid, you don't really have the time to scroll through every restaurant on the deliveroo app. Go for a meal deal with a variety of sushi rolls and you just can't go wrong. At Sushioui, they speak sushi on a whole new level. Let yourself be surprised! If you find yourself in Brussels, Sushioui got you covered both in the European Quarter and in Auderghem. 

Terms & Conditions

Use the code PLAYSTATION4 at checkout before ordering to have a free delivery and a shot at winning a Playstation 4 and Playlink games. Both in Belgium and the Netherlands, one winner will be selected for the Playstation 4, for ever Deliveroo city in both countries, one winner will be chosen for the Playlink game . The winner will be chosen at random, by use of a program fit for it. The action is valid from 23/10/2017 until 29/10/2017 11pm.  The winners will be informed before 31/10/2017.  By not claiming your prize within 2 weeks, it will be presented to another participant. The more you order the higher the chance of winning.


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