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Crazy Deliveroo Days

Crazy Deliveroo Days

Weekend is around the corner and you are craving good food? It's Crazy Deliveroo Days at Deliveroo!

Special offers in more than 80 restaurants: Buy one, two or three and get one free Get two dishes at a special price And many more… Luckily, we have all these and ready to deliver straight to your door:



We bet this bit of news will get you over hump day. Imagine getting your teeth stuck into a big, juicy prime beef classic cheese, overflowing in homemade mayo, relish and salad squished between a bun. Order online and wait for us to bring your takeaway delivery to your door.

Italian food


There's something about chilling with your best mates and some proper comfort food.

Click here if you want to chat over big bowls of spaghetti Bolognese or classic Margherita pizzas.

Lebanese food


On a chilly night, Lebanese will give you the uplift you need. Lebanese cooking is a delicate balance of flavours and is best enjoyed when cooked by a top chef.

Mexican food


Think rich and luscious slow-cooked meat or crispy fried fish in traditional soft corn tortilla wraps, topped off with fresh and zingy salsa. Now that's exciting! Order from a participating restaurants here.

Japanese food


Japanese food is the ultimate millennial cuisine. Fresh, healthy and convenient, it's perfectly partnered with the modern lifestyle and is very much still the in-thing when it comes to choosing a meal.

Lunch and dinner plans for this weekend? Look out for the label 'Crazy Deliveroo Days' here.

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