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Hard Rock Cafe burgers you need to try now!

Forget all those boring burgers!

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In the last couple of years, burgers have invaded our cities, our plates and even our houses! They are everywhere! Two buns and everything you want to add in between them. We all love them (don't lie!), but don't you feel like you've tasted them all by now? Well, don't you want to spice them up and be amazed by new amazing flavours?! This iconic US restaurant chain has been making burgers for years and if someone knows how to make them it must be... Hard Rock Cafe! Until June 25th, they are taking you on a World Tour with their exotic burgers! Ready to be amazed?

Plantain burger from Colombia Deliveroo

This sweet and savory combination inspired by Cartagena in Colombia mixes caramelized onions, bacon and Monterey Jack Cheese and fried (banana) plantains! The burger is completed with a Certified Angus Beef® patty and paired with crispy plantain chips. Pretty sure you've never tasted that before! The Colombian Plantain Burger can be found here 

Spicy Seoul


Who would have thought of taking Sriracha-seasoned kimchi and putting it in a burger? Hard Rock Cafe did it! The Kimchi Burger inspired by the traditions of Seoul is made of a Certified Angus Beef® patty partnered with bulgogi sauce, fresh tomato and lettuce and Sriracha mayo! The best of both worlds.

The Kimchi Burger can be found here.

To discover all the World Burgers, you can also make like David Antoine, and travel to each destinations…

or eat them in the comfort of your home by ordering Hard Rock Cafe on Deliveroo.

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