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What your favourite wine says about you

What your favourite wine says about you

Picture this; a sunny day, picknick outside, your closest friend or special one and a glass of wine in your hand. Which type of wine you imagine says more about you then you think. So get your favourite glass of wine and read all about it here.

Hey Red


Confident. Intelligent. Sexy.

Red wine drinkers are rich, educated and happy. You're most likely to have several degrees and a good paycheck. You prefer high-quality food from the best restaurants. We've got just the right restaurants you can order from and enjoy a free Loire Valley Wine bottle with your order.

White, white, white baby


Adventurous. Loyal. Bright.

White wine drinkers are bright and don't need several degrees to prove it. They have no interest in climbing the corporate ladder. They love being out with friends and party all day long. When it comes to food they are adventurous and always up for trying something new. You can add these jems to your must try list:

Rosé all day


Loud. Attractive. Warm 

Rosé drinkers are the life of the party. Your mission in life is to enjoy every moment to the fullest. People love to have you around as you are the definition of a great friend. Rosé drinkers don't mind earning less as long as they love what they are doing. When it comes to food they go for their favourite restaurants. Here is a great selection:

Until Sunday 30th June, you can enjoy a free Loire Valley Wine for every order above €30 at selected restaurants. Perfect to complete a dinner outside.

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