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  2. The “Try Before You Buy” app update
The “Try Before You Buy” app update

The “Try Before You Buy” app update

Can't decide between ordering a burger, pizza, sushi, salad or… You may know the feeling of utter dread when facing with to many options. Those days are finally over. We proudly launch the new "Try Before You Buy" feature in our app.

After updating the app to the newest version(iOs ApRf00L), you will have access to two brand new forms op in-app-food sampling- smell and taste. With this upgrade, you will be able to go through your favourite restaurants and get an idea of the smell and taste of each menu item.

We launched this update after receiving feedback from our customers, that had more and more trouble deciding just what to order as the restaurant list offered kept on increasing.


The Try Before You Buy- smell and taste function- is available from today, April 1, without extra cost.

April Folly, one of our product developers elaborates:

 "At Deliveroo we are constantly looking for the best way to integrate technology in the food experience of our customers.

We are thrilled to be able to launch the Try Before You Buy- function. For the first time ever, the customer can taste and smell their favourite dishes before they make a choice. We hope to get a 100% satisfactory rate with this new feature."

You can try out clothes, exchange and return them. You can spray perfume in stores. You can test drive the car you want to buy. Why should we still stay behind?

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