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The food trends of 2021

Deliveroo’s Top Food Trend 2021

2020; the year of banana bread, whipped coffee, street food and veganism. Do you remember the first time you've tried going vegan or baked that banana bread? Did you like it? Did you hate it? Did you give up?

Well, 2021 is just the year to start making new food resolutions and we're here to share with you which trends will be hot and happening in 2021.  

Relax and find out what you will be seeing and eating in 2021. We are counting on you, influencers and foodies, to spam our insta-feed with your reviews.  

1/ Plant-based


Regardless of major changes in recent years, innovation in plant-based foods continues to advance, and the variety of green meat substitutes, such as dried mushrooms or jackfruit, is growing at maximum speed while preserving nutrients and flavours. Five years ago Deliveroo had only 10 restaurants with vegetarian options on its platform, today there are more than 400!

Veganism is nothing new though, but the growing trend of flexitarianism shows that more and more people are looking for a diverse diet. In 2020, 11% of Belgians ventured into flexitarianism and 26% expect to continue this trend in 2021*.

So if you're looking to scale down your meat intake and don't want to get stuck with just eating salads, here are some of our favourites: Veganoo! (Bruxelles), Ami (Bruxelles) & Greenway (Gand, Louvain, Bruxelles et Anvers), Veggie Café VARIA (Bruxelles), Copper Branch (Bruxelles), Le Botaniste (Bruxelles et Gand), Huggy's Bar (Liège et Bruxelles)


2/ Less alcohol, more fun


For 47% of Belgians, the trend towards non-alcoholic beverages will be strong in 2021. Even more so among Millenials! Deliveroo predicts that so-called mocktails will become more popular in 2021 thanks to increasingly

innovative recipes and innovations.

Here are some of our favourite places to order your mocktail from Tin on Tin (Ghent), Bar Nine (Leuven) & Rich Monkey (Antwerp)

3/ Sustainability in the kitchen  

Almost half (44%) of Belgians surveyed indicate that preventing food waste will be a key priority in the coming year. In 2021, we don't throw anything away, we consume as much as possible! Peels of vegetables are baked into crispy chips or leftover pasta goes into the soup for lunch! The goal is to prevent as much food waste as possible.

We recommend: Thai Café (Brussels), EXKi (Brussels), Le Pain Quotidien (Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Liège, Namur)

4/ Not your regular coffee


Coffee is not just a morning drink to wake up or give you an excuse to chat with colleagues a little longer! In 2021 coffee will be used to cook:  granola bars, smoothies, yoghurt or incorporated into savoury recipes. Perfect for the coffee addicts among us!

We recommend: Pastéis de Nata café at Forcardo (Brussels)

5/ Super super superfoods


The pandemic has shown us just how important it is to be healthy. Foods rich in prebiotics (natural fibres) such as garlic, chicory, chia seeds, fermented foods rich in probiotics and vitamin C will be our best allies in 2021 for a stronger immune system and life back to normal.

We recommend: EXKi (Brussels), Vers-Zuid (Antwerp), Vers-Eilandje (Antwerp), O'yo (Ghent), Peck 20 (Brussels), Oats Day Long (Ghent)

6/ Breakfast as kings


Lack of time, convenience or because you simply don't feel like it, skipping breakfast, however easy, isn't always a good idea. A good breakfast gives you the necessary energy to go about your day. Now that we are all working from home more frequently, there is a little more time to eat your breakfast. Deliveroo is already predicting that we will eat more and more elaborate breakfasts this year.

In Belgium, breakfast remains an important meal and is consumed by 88% of Belgians. The average time to eat breakfast is at 8:50 am. 45% of Belgians have breakfast between 8 am and 10.59 am.

We recommend: Pain Quotidien (Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Liège, Namur), The Pancake Club (Ghent), Pop's Pancakes (Brussels), Renard Bakery (Brussels), La Table Rustique (Brussels)

7/ Chickpeas for the win


Chickpeas are so much more than hummus, falafels or chickpea paste! This legume is packed with nutrients, rich in fibre and plant-based protein. You can use them to make pizza bases, cakes and even tofu!

We recommend: Pois Chiche (Brussels), Mumtaz (Brussels), Bokertov (Antwerp) Yababa (Brussels), Chicounou (Brussels), Beiruti (Ghent), SemSom (Brussels)

8/ King Kombucha


While the drink already made its appearance in 2018, Kombucha will be the healthy thirst quencher of 2021. Good for your gut and delicious. No need to say more!

 We recommend: Aloha Poke Bowl (Antwerp), Le Botaniste (Brussels et Ghent)

9/ Hemp

In 2021, it will become clear what benefits hemp brings to our plates! In the collective imagination, hemp is still often associated with cannabis, with the latter bringing psychotropic effects. However, hemp is a protein-rich ingredient already known to many vegetarians and is increasingly being consumed. In the form of seeds, flour or oil, hemp has many benefits and in particular, it is a rich in Omega 3 and 6.

10/ Travel to Asia from home


Asian cuisine remains an inexhaustible source of inspiration in gastronomy. For example, the "Bao," a dish of Chinese origin, is on the rise. A small steamed ball topped with a variety of fillings, the Bao is making a statement. You can find this steamed delight in more and more Belgian restaurants. About 26% of Belgians have tasted Asian cuisine for the first time last year and more will continue to do so in 2021!  

We recommend: Ichi Bao (Ghent), Kobap x Nom Pow (Brussels), Baogo (Brussels), Sunny Bao (Brussels), Wokman (Liège)

What food trends will you try in 2021? Find them all on Deliveroo .

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