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The food trends of 2020

Deliveroo’s Top Food Trend 2020

2019; the year of Oat milk, acai bowls, celery juice and the impossible burger. Do you remember the first time you've tried one of these? Did you like it? Did you hate it? Or are you not one of these people that follow trends? Well, we can't blame you, it tough to follow. We love everything food-related and feel that it's a duty to share it with you.

Make yourself comfortable and find out what you will be seeing and eating in 2020. We are counting on you, influencers and foodies, to spam our insta-feed with your reviews.  

1/ Vegan-ish


More and more of us are going meatless. Vegan dishes will continue to win people over. And not just

Vegetarians, flexitarians or vegans! Last year, the number of vegan orders increased There's been a massive rise in meat alternatives and plant-based patties.  The number of vegan restaurants joining Deliveroo grew by 168% last year and we do not expect this growth to decrease in 2020.

So if you're looking to scale down your meat intake and don't want to get stuck with just eating salads, here are some of our favourites: Veg'ger (Brussel), Ami (Brussel) & Greenway (Ghent, Leuven, Brussels and Antwerp)


2/ Grazing


The days of eating just three meals a day are over. According to the Deliveroo orders placed last year, Belgian people love to order small portions and snack all day long, especially on Thursday and Sunday. This trend will definitely continue on in 2020.

Here are some of our favourites: Panos (Ghent), Broebbeleir (Brussels) & Charlie's Chips (Bruges).

3/ Street food


More than 2.5 billion people around the world eat street food every day. Join this trend and order Indian, Greek, Chinese, Japanese or Thai street food on Deliveroo today.

Here are some of our favourites: Loa streetfood (Antwerp), Bambu (Mechelen) & Würst (Ghent and Leuven)

4/ Instagrammable


Did you even eat if you haven't posted it on the gram? Some of 2019's biggest food trends were motivated by Instagram foodies and will continue to do so in 2020. The most instagrammable food in Belgium; Milkshakes, burgers, doughnuts, sushi and fries. Food that tastes great and looks great!

Here are some our favourites: The Avocado Bar (Leuven & Mechelen), Humm (Antwerp) & Bavet (Antwerp, Ghent, Leuven, Bruges & Brussels)

5/ Fresh pasta


While we ate ready-made pasta sauce 10 years ago, there's more and more demand now

for fresh pasta. You searched massively for "fresh pasta" on Deliveroo.be in 2019 and we see that this

number will certainly increase in 2020. Pasta is not for nothing the best scoring dish on Deliveroo!

Here are some of our favourites: Pici (Antwerp) & San Marco (Ghent)

6/ No or low alcohol


A healthy body equals a healthy mind. Last year, we saw an increase in orders for non-alcoholic beers during the winter months, especially in February. This trend will increase steadily in 2020.

Here are some of our favourites: Joe & The Juice (Antwerp)

7/ Sustainable balance


2020 is the year of balance. Consumers are breaking habits, experimenting with new lifestyles and trying out new dishes in an attempt to live happier, more responsible and more sustainable lives.

Balanced nutrition, with some meat dishes being replaced by plant-based foods. Balanced health in which burgers and pizzas can sometimes make way for a salad or vegetable alternatives. A balance in finances where your money is spent wisely eating out or ordering in.

Here are some of our favourites:  Le Botaniste (Brussel & Ghent), Veg'ger (Brussels) & Loving Hut (Leuven)

8/On fire


One of the oldest and most primitive cooking methods is back: cooking on charcoal! The charcoal flavour has increased in popularity in recent months. With its smokiness and woody depth that emphasizes the natural taste of the ingredients.

9/ The new salad


Who said salads are boring? In 2020, salads will be more than a bunch of green leaves. Those are the five ingredients you will see in almost all salads now;

  1. Fermented food, such as Kimchi,

10/ Experience


Generation Z is all about experiences. They'd rather spend €75 on an exciting show cooking night than on a piece of clothing. How do you create that experience? Our research shows that consumers find the atmosphere and service just as important as the food itself.

When delivering food, we are more creative about creating an experience: from unusual ingredients to digital experiences, by 2020 consumers will be able to enjoy an unusual eating experience more than before. Always be the first to discover the latest restaurants in your city on Deliveroo.

What food trends will you try in 2020? Find them all on Deliveroo .

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