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  2. Deliveroo’s Top Food Trend Predictions for 2018
Deliveroo’s Top Food Trend Predictions for 2018

Deliveroo’s Top Food Trend Predictions for 2018

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2017 was a year of gluten free foods, raw foodism and vegetarian foods. And you couldn't log into your Instagram feed without liking smoothies, bowls of Pho, tacos or homemade cheeseburgers. So what can the food lovers expect to see in 2018?

Vegan dishes


More and more of us are going meatless. Vegan dishes will continue to win people over. And not just

vegetarians and vegans! There's been a massive rise in fake steaks and plant-based patties. So if you're looking to scale down your meat intake and don't want to get stuck with salads, keep a lookout for these tasty alternatives this year.



Thought you've seen enough of avocado toast? Think again because avocado will still be a hot food trend this year. We totally love it on toasts or in salads.

Acai bowls


Here's another breakfast that'll make those early mornings easier. Acai bowls will be big this year. This is a light and bright bowl of blitzed frozen acai berries that are often mixed with other fruits and syrups then topped with tasty fresh fruit or crunchy granola.

Instagram-friendly foods


Some of 2017's biggest food trends were motivated by Instagram (arty coffees, sushi donuts, poke, multicolored smoothie bowls…). Foods that looked great on your phone screen took off in real life.

Poke bowls


Aloha, Hawaiian poke bowls. They've gradually been making waves in 2017 and now these fresh dishes of predominantly raw fish, crunchy veggies and umami sauces served on a bed of rice will be your new go-to lunch.

Non-alcoholic cocktails


Even after January has fully dried up, 2018 is set to be all about mindful drinking. We're going to be sipping on mocktails more often to try and reduce our alcohol intake this year.



Burritos were the second most-ordered dish in the world on Deliveroo last year. Moving into 2018 these packed tortilla wraps will be just as popular, and look out for a rise in vegan versions as more of us go meat-free.

Hybrid food


We see hybrid food on the horizon. We're talking fusions like sushi burgers, sushi burritos, ramen burgers. That are due to take the food scene by storm this year.

What food trends do you want to try in 2018? See which dishes you can find on Deliveroo near you.

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