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The ultimate guide to pairing beer with food  

The ultimate guide to pairing beer with food

You don't need to be Belgian to know that they take their beer very serious. And with good reason; today, they have over 1100 beer brands and 160 breweries. Moreover, any person can attempt to make his/her own beer but to be able to craft & serve the perfect one is a true art. Let's leave it to the professionals and focus on what we can do to honour the beer: find the perfect food match to go with it.We'll help you out!

1. Dark & Roasty

Germany knows a thing or two about specialty beers. Try the Paulaner or the Weihenstephaner. A German Helles, Kölsch or Keller beer is a great match to any Teriyaki beef, mac & cheese or chocolate caramel brownie. Who would have known?  


2. Sour & Fruity

Beer & pizza is a classic most of us already know. But Sour & Fruity beer also compliments well with salmon, chicken or a sweet fruit tart. Why not try wheat beer with a citrus cake?  


3. Hoppy & Bitter

Antipasti delicious with wine? Of course. But if you are in the mood for something different, we highly recommend a pale ale or ipa instead. And the burning sensation left in your mouth from a spicy thai curry is easily cured with the imperial ipa.  


4. Fruity & Spicy

Fruity and spicy, a powerful combination. You can perfectly balance a fresh salad with a saison of tripel. Other combinations are sushi, ceviche, poke, seafood or pasta. Just try it!  


So if you feel lost not knowing which beer to buy with the food you ordered or are cooking, look at this guide for tips. Another good reason to drink beer; apparently a beer once in awhile is good for your heart.

Only a few clicks on Deliveroo to have dinner delivered & this guide to find the beer to match it. Cheers!  

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