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  2. Deliveroo pizza contest 2019 - meet the Otomat pizzas.
The Deliveroo Pizza Contest 2019 - meet the Otomat pizzas

Deliveroo pizza contest 2019 - meet the Otomat pizzas.

Five influencers. Five cities. Five Otomat pizzas.One winner.

We're back! This time, five influencers from five different cities will defend their favourite Otomat pizza. Which pizza is going to win? You decide! The battle takes place on our Facebook page, where two cities will go head to head against each other. So get ready, set, ...VOTE!

Wait a minute! Which Otomat pizza did the influencers pick? Read on to find out.

1/ Otomat or Notomat? That's the question!


If you ever had to pleasure of eating an Otomat pizza, you just know how good they are. With original toppings and exceptional flavours, every pizza is truly unique and oh so delicious. Otomat is the first fully Belgian pizza restaurant concept centred around sharing pizzas. That's why every pizza is sliced when delivered to your table or door. Every pizza is also paired with a special beer, which gives it that typical Belgian touch. The Notomat pizzas even have Duvel brewer's yeast inside the pizza dough. Yum!

2/ Meet the Little Red Courgette


City: Leuven

Influencer: Ozanne Princen - @Ozanne__

Mom of two, entrepreneur, healthy and sporty; Ozanne does it all. For this competition, she chose the Little Red Courgette pizza to represent Leuven. It's fresh, spicy and delicious. With every bite, you'll taste that subtle balance between courgette, fresh mint, red peppers and mozzarella di bufala. Definitely worth the try!

3/ Meet the Rock the Kasbah


City: Ghent

Influencer: Lars Lagaisse - @Larslagaisse

Lars didn't think twice before choosing the Rock the Kasbah as the pizza to defend Ghent. He's right, it's something else. Let yourself be surprised by the merguez sausage, red pointed pepper, red onion, raisins and raz el hanout. Finished with feta, coriander and mint. A wink to North Africa, a wince to you!

4/ Meet the Ritmo de la Nacho


City: Brussels

Influencer: Alex Sossa - @Alexsossa

"Hola, Guapo!" This pizza taste as good as it looks. With his Mexican roots, it's no surprise that Alex picked the Ritmo de la Nacho pizza to defend Brussels. What can you expect? Mexican fury with every bite topped with black beans, jalapeno, nachos, red onion, cheddar and coriander. And with two surprises on top: sour cream and creamy guacamole. Let the pizza party begin!

5/ Meet the Bushwick


City: Antwerp

Influencer: Jan Van Eldere - @janvaneldere

The Bushwick is Otomat's ode to Roberta's: mozzarella and oregano on a delicious red pizza, topped with ricotta and fennel salami. When Jan had to pick his favourite, it wasn't easy! Eventually, he couldn't resist the taste of the Bushwick. It's just that good! And judging by the way it looks, Antwerp could be the one to beat.

6/ Meet the Triple Chocolat Pizza


City: Bruges

Influencer: Kato Hoste -  @Katohoste

For those who love desserts and pizza, this dessert pizza makes so much sense. Our influencer Kato Hoste though just the same and picked the Triple Chocolate Pizza to defend Bruges. This little piece of heaven is developed together with Belgian top chocolatier Dominique Persoone. He's also from Bruges...Coincidence? I think not! It's three different types of chocolate, crispy roasted nuts and softly burnt marshmallows. Finished with lime powder from Mexico and basil. YESS!

For every Tripple Chocolate Pizza sold, one euro is donated to the ecological project set up by Dominique next to his Mexican cacao plantations. The CIVS project and the associated animal shelter wants to give mistreated and abandoned animals such as monkeys, pumas and tigers a dignified existence again. We can't think of a better reason to order!

Now, it's time to vote! CLICK HERE to defend your city, pizza or influencer. You've got until this Monday 10 am. Remember, every vote counts!  

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