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The Deliveroo Burger Contest 2018

Meet the burgers

Eight cities. Eight restaurants. Eight influencers. Eight burgers. One winner.

Last week, one of the most intense burger battles ever took place on our Facebook page.

Eight cities, each represented by an influencer and a restaurant, went head to head for the title of the Best Belgian Burger of 2018 on Deliveroo. With over 3500 votes, team Liège defeated team Bruges with their amazing Cheesy (C) Rock Burger. This week, you are the winners! Order one of the participating burgers and get a second one for free. A burger is only as good as its ingredients; discover below what these delicious burgers are made of.

1/Team Liège - Winner of the Burger Contest 2018


The Stats: 5,356 votes  

When we think about a burger, we usually come up with bread, meat, sauce and vegetables. Although a lot of variations exist in the ingredients, the bun made of bread seems to stay a constant. The Huggy's Bar and Maurane, a famous food blogger of Liège, sat down together and decided to go for two parmesan croquettes instead. And so the Cheesy (C) Rock burger came to live. No wonder they have won over so many of their fans. Cheese is always a good idea!

Buy one and get a second one free here. 

2/Team Bruges- 1st Runner Up

 DeliverooThe Stats: 4,520 votes

When Kato and Jilles Burger first met to brainstorm about their burger, Kato had clearly done her research. With a lot of enthusiasm she talked about her love for sushi and showed her pinterest board with sushi burger creations. Having never seen such a burger, Jilles took up the challenge and voilà the first Sushi Burger in Bruges was born. Simple in the name, nevertheless delicious in her taste.

Buy a Sushi Burger and get a second one free here. 

3/ Team Antwerp - 2nd Runner Up


 The Stats: 1,199 votes

Thomas, one of the few male bloggers in Belgian, can tell you all about the lasted menswear and trends, give you some essential lifestyle tips and brief you about his attended events. When asked how he likes his burger, he kept it simple and tasteful. The Man Ray has all the best bits of a classic burger with a secret mayonnaise sauce.

Buy a Man Ray burger and get a second one free here.

4/ Team Mechelen- 3th Runner Up


The Stats: 913 votes

Cindy Van Dyck, a full-time fashion and lifestyle blogger with Spanish roots, loves to eat and knows what she is looking for in a burger. For this contest she and Gourmet Bar choose to honour her Spanish roots and created the El Rico Burger. With chorizo, chili ketchup and manchego, this burger has the right amount of spice to make you feel in Spain with every bite.

Buy a El Rico Burger and get a second one free here.

5/ Team Gent- 5th place


The Stats: 964 votes 

Laura Lynn doesn't shy away and tells her followers all about her live, feelings and struggles on her blog and Instagram account. Although she is currently working hard on her dream body, she still took the time to sit down with Paul's Boutique station in Ghent and create Le Savoyard. A delicious burger with two homemade sauce.Our favorite combination!

Buy a Savoyard and get the second for free here.

6/ Team Waterloo


The Stats: 459 votes

Sasha Farber, a.k.a. The Styling Pot, melted her love for food with the ideas of Marcel Burger Bar and out came the Chili Burger. Not just a classic burger but a burger with Fajitas bread. This bread creates the perfect condition for all the ingredients to blend together perfectly and give you the ultimate taste combo with every bite. A little bit spicy, a whole lot of flavour.

Buy a Chili Burger and get a second one for free here.

7/ Team Brussels


The Stats: 341 votes 

Vanessa, a.k.a. The Wild Girl, blogs her day away giving her fans advice on fashion, travel, beauty and lifestyle. Together with Les Super Filles du Tram, they created the Wild Burger, an ode to what a true wild girl stands for. To finish it off the bun is pink and has the Wild girl logo on it. It's so delicious words can not explain. You're only option is to try it and see for yourself.

Buy a Wild burger and get a second for free here.

8/ Team Leuven


The Stats: 122 votes

Last but definitely not least, the Don Guac, created by Ozanne and Babo's Leuven. Ozanne combines being a mom, wedding planner, florist and interior stylist while also being an influencer. We don't know how she found the time to also create this amazing burger. The combination of the avocado and pepper sauce creates a unique fresh and spicy flavour. To top it off the bread is crispy and warm. We highly recommend!

Buy a Don Guac and get a second for free here.

You've voted for your favourite burger and read all about them. The only thing left is to try one out and share a second one with a friend, family member, a significant other or just keep it for yourself. It's all up to you!

Be quick, this offer only last this week, from 12 to 19 mars.  

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