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  2. The Beyond Burger, now available on Deliveroo
The Beyond Burger, now available on Deliveroo

The Beyond Burger, now available on Deliveroo

Greenway is the first restaurant in Europe to offer the Beyond Burger; a delicious 100% plant-based meatless burger that looks, cooks, sizzles and tastes like real meat. Its mission is to convert even the most dedicated carnivores and give them what they love so much about meat without the many downsides, such as health, sustainability and animal welfare.

Greenway all the way

Greenway is known for offering feel-good food. Food that is not only good for your body, mind and soul but also good for the world around us. At Greenway, you don't have to compromise. Vegetarians/ vegan/flexitarians and everything in between can enjoy guilt-free delicious food. No wonder they are the first to bring the Beyond Burger to the Belgian market.

Beyond meat, beyond delicious

The Beyond Burger is mostly made out of peas and the beets makes the patty look like a red-meat. It also doesn't contain any gluten or soy. Why all this effort? The goal is to make people eat less meat but still giving them the full meat experience they love and some can't live without.

DeliverooAt Greenway, the Beyond Burger is 100% vegan with a vegan mayonnaise, cheese and bun. Topped with a yummy tomato salsa and some fresh veggies and voilà, lunch or dinner is served! Try it out and be one of the first in Europe.

Beyond meat, beyond delicious, so Greenway. Order yours today*.

*Only available in Antwerp, Leuven, Brussels and Ghent

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