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  2. 7 of the best ice cream hotspots!  
7 of the best ice cream hotspots!

7 of the best ice cream hotspots!  

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Now that summer has more or less arrived, the temperatures rise… but so do our cravings for ice cream! We've assembled some of the best ice cream shops of the country (tested and approved!).

Find a good spot in the park (or on the beach) and order your ice cream on Deliveroo!

1. We all melt for frozen yogurt!


A good dose of froyo covered with fresh fruits or some cookies: we say yes! It tastes delicious and is so perfect for that summer bod' you've been working on!

Order from Moochie in Antwerp.

2. The best pistachio you'll ever try!


One of the best ice cream spots from Antwerp is of course on Deliveroo! Can you picture yourself with this crazy plate of iced goodness wherever you want? We're sure that you will melt for their amazing pistachio flavoured ice!

Order from Cremerie Germaine in Antwerp.

3.Too many toppings? Never!  


A delicious froyo to munch on! Choose all the toppings and make sure you're making the best that has been ever done! Our suggestions? Caramel drizzle with cookies or everything chocolate? It's up to you

Order from Munch Me in Antwerp.

4. Ice cream or milkshake?  


I scream, we all scream for the ice cream from Zizi! Their sorbets and ice cream are just ice-tastic! No need for queuing or waiting for the ice cream truck, Deliveroo is there. Our tip? Buy your favourite flavour by the liter! Or get tempted for a creamy milkshake…

Order from Glacier Zizi in Brussels.

5. Froyo for brunch is allowed!


Yogurt is good but did you know it tastes way better when frozen? It's a fact proven by the entire Deliveroo team! Try adding lots of topping, it will make you smile all day, guarantee! Why not try it for a summer brunch? Happy, your guests will be.

Order from Frozen - The Yogurt Bar in Liège

6. I scream for this ice cream!


If you cheat on your diet, you should do it right. And with the delicious ice cream from Franchi G, you won't even feel sorry! Your tummy will thank you! Look at that chocolate dripping and what about this rich strawberry pink?! Yes, please!

Order from Franchi G in Liège.

7. Sprinkles and ice make everything nice!


Stay cool with the famous ice creams from Capoue! Don't leave your spot, we'll bring it to you! Even if it's melting hot! And don't forget to add those fun little sprinkles for the perfect insta-pic or the happiest kid. Check also their party kits: 2,3 or 4 flavours, lots of cones and toppings of your choice!

Order from Capoue in Flagey, Boondael, Keym, Thieffry, Vergote in Brussels.

Did this post totally make you crave ice cream? Stay cool, order yours on Deliveroo and we'll bring it to you in 30 minutes! On the beach, at the office or in the park, there's no excuse to not get ice cream!

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