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  2. 20km of Brussels or Netflix Marathon - what to eat over the weekend
The 20km of Brussels or Netflix Marathon - what to eat over the weekend

20km of Brussels or Netflix Marathon - what to eat over the weekend

In celebration of the 20km of Brussels, we've listed some delicious meal ideas to tuck into whether you're limbering up for the starting line or planning a Netflix Marathon. Beating your personal best, craving a feast at the finish line or watching the action on the box, you'll find great protein-packed goodies and energy-releasing carb dishes on Deliveroo.

Carb Loading


Dinner the night before a race matters at least as much as—if not more than—what you have for breakfast the next day. Looking to carb load the day before? Pasta will give you an extra bit of pep when you need to pick up the pace.

Pizza is your go-to dish for binge-watching with your friends! The best part is you don't have to cook. Amazing pizzas can be found right here.

Breakfast of Champions


If you are an early bird and looking for a more protein-heavy meal, try scrambled eggs. Eating a breakfast like this leaves you well-fueled for a long race.

Watching episode after episode of a show is a serious thing. You need the perfect breakfast to start your day. Treat yourself! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so make it the most delicious.

Yummy Hummus


Sumptuous, flavourful and varied, Lebanese cuisine is hugely popular thanks to its lovely flavours and healthier twist. Boost your energy with a hummus toast after the race.

Lebanese cooking is a delicate balance of flavours and is best enjoyed when cooked by a top chef.

Ice cream? Yes, please!


Now you can enjoy all the guilty pleasure you've been craving throughout your training.

Ice cream is the one of the most popular foods to eat while binge-watching.

No need to listen out for the ice-cream van. We'll deliver straight to your door.

Champagne shower


Think about your beverages, too. Water is an obvious choice to keep you hydrated.

But don't forget the champagne shower! It's a traditional celebration in sports and you can be delivered directly to your door.

For more weekend eats, check out what's on Deliveroo near you.

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