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Spreading the Deloveroo

Spreading the Deloveroo

For the duration of Pride in Brussels, Deliveroo customers may notice a colourful change to their normal service. The iconic rainbow colours will replace Deliveroo's customary teal palette - on the app and the website. Some of the best-loved restaurants will be pulling out all the stops for Pride, creating some exciting twists to their most popular dishes, available exclusively through the Deliveroo app.


A ring don't mean a thing at Hoeked Doughnuts, as all their picture-perfect creations are square. Because no one could expect you to pick just one doughnut, you can buy these beauties in a box of nine.

Hoeked Doughnuts


Dim sum are a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Whether you're having an evening in with friends, family or a significant other, ordering dumpling-style snacks is always a recipe for a great night in.

Let's Dim Sum


These bite-sized tasty morsels are packed full of aromatic, fragrant herbs and spices. They come in portions of six, and there's a variety of succulent meat fillings, seafood options and vegetarian creations, with some sweet yet sour dipping sauces.

Lucy Chang


Tired of always eating the same things? Try out these fresh new Summer Rolls and be amazed by the creative recipes! Healthy, fresh and gluten free this is the perfect alternative for lunch and dinner!

Rice'n Roll


Who doesn't love a hot dog? Especially now there's been a nationwide revolution that's seen this old favourite transformed into a gourmet treat.


Let's spread the Deloveroo!

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