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  2. Sharing is caring: 7 amazing options for feeding a crowd
Sharing is caring: 7 amazing options for feeding a crowd

Sharing is caring: 7 amazing options for feeding a crowd

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Food is made for socialising.There's nothing better than gathering a group of friends and discovering new flavours with a series of sharing platters. This picture can only be completed if it means you don't have to do any cooking yourself. We've rounded up some of the best sharing options available, for times when you're too busy entertaining to whip up a feast.



What could be better for feeding your loved ones than pizza? Order a bunch and switch it up by the slice.

Order your pizzas here.



Discover new flavours with the sharing plates that offer an ample amount of fishy food for the entire group.

Order your sushis here.

Tortilla Chips


What about tortilla chips with an extra hot inferno sauce? Ay, Caramba! We can feel the heat!

Find a Mexican restaurant here.



Smooth, creamy and unbelievably satisfying. There's nothing better than a perfectly swirled bowl of hummus.

Find a Lebanese restaurant here.



French fries are just delicious. But hold up! Are you ready to share your fries?

Order your fries here.



We pretty much love a lot of things about Japan.These potstickers are a fun favorite!

Find a Japanese restaurant here.



Indian cuisine offers an abundance of starters that are the perfect excuse for you to invite your mates over. Samosa is definitely one of our favourite dish.

Find a Indian restaurant here.

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