1. Food-trends
  2. Overtime work and the associated eating habits.
Overtime work and the associated eating habits.

Overtime work and the associated eating habits.

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1. Working 9 to 5 is now over.

Overtime work belongs to the present time and to the concept of flexible work. Coming in later, leaving later as well. People now customize their own time.

2. Bringing in food at the office is becoming more and more common

Ordering, picking up food from the corner shop, or bringing in lunch from home.

Nowadays, no one has enough patience to cook for hours, adding that eating late isn't very healthy.


 3. Food delivery at the office: easy and flexible.

Nowadays, plenty of options exist to have your meal at the office. Canteens are not open every evening of the week, or propose very little choice so you end up eating what is available or every evening the same.

4. Lawyers, Consultants and Bankers are the ones working the most

Traditionally these professions are known for their late hours. In addition, in these branches we are usually dealing with international companies taking into account colleagues in other times zones.

5. Followed by Tech Companies, Architects and creative agencies.

Companies with projects have many deadlines, where short-term peaks in certain time periods can be observed.

6. More often than we think, companies pay meals for their employees

Most companies take care of their employees.  Hungry employees perform less, right ? This makes late nights at the office more attractive.


7. Top 3 picks are Sushi, Italian and Thai.

Followed closely by burgers, French cuisine and good old fashioned sandwiches.

8. Half 8 is the most popular time to order a meal.

9. Some companies charge these meal costs for certain projects to their client;

When employees have to do overwork to meet deadlines imposed by the clients, the meal costs will be billed.

10. I pick what I eat!

However, the secretary of the Office manager often gets to choose the meals.


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