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Online Office Canteen - Deliver meals to your employees !

Online Office Canteen - Deliver meals to your employees

Nowadays, many companies are switching to working from home due to the corona crisis. Although every employee is obliged to make some adjustments to their daily work flow, fortunately, there are various tools that make the working from home experience feasible and pleasant. All you need is a laptop, a good WiFi connection, all programs and files in the cloud ready to use and a good communication platform that allow for online chats and meetings and doing home office is not as bad as it first might have seemed.

Deliveroo for Business to the rescue

But what about the basic needs of employees - Food ! We know that a good meal affects not only the overall productivity of employees but also leads to more happy and satisfied workers. Having this in mind, employers used to offer fruit baskets, nutritious soups, (semi-subsidized) lunch meals, delicious snacks for the quick bite and occasionally dinner meals when it was getting late at work. But how is all this handled when working from home? Our solution is Deliveroo for Business!

Restaurants are currently going through a difficult period where food delivery is their best alternative to keep operating their business. Here is where Deliveroo steps in by offering our restaurant partners with the opportunity to deliver tasty food for everyone to enjoy. On top of that employers can now support the horeca industry by ordering from them while giving their employees access to a business account to provide them with delicious meals.

Online company canteen

At Deliveroo, you can set up an online canteen so that your employees can order meals from thousands of restaurants that are delivered to their "home office". By setting up a company account, each employer has full control over their company expenses through their own portal. In this way, the employer can determine the following:

  • The amount to be spent daily/weekly - This can be semi-subsidized so that employees are charged extra in case the set amount is exceeded
  • The time frame when the Deliveroo credit must be spent - The employer can vary this by indicating a deadline as well as specific days, for instance only weekdays, where employees can redeem their credit.
  • How to report these expenses - A unique project code or reference can be distributed making it easy to keep track of each order

Furthermore, everything is invoiced on a monthly basis, meaning that there is no need to pay per order.

To take special precautions due to COVID-19, we implied the so-called contact-free delivery which obliges our Deliveroo riders to take at least 1.5 metre distance when depositing your food in front of your doorstep. The food can be then taken out of the thermal bag by the customer himself/herself.

Intrigued by Deliveroo for Business?

Then set up your online company canteen and delivery quality meals to your employees now!

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