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  2. Meet the plant-based Ellis Gourmet Burger Family
Meet the plant-based family of Ellis Gourmet Burger

Meet the plant-based Ellis Gourmet Burger Family

Ellis is on a mission to serve the best burgers for everyone. That's why they have created, with the help of renowned product specialists and star awarded chefs, a new range of plant-based dishes for the increasing amount of vegetarians and vegans. Meet the plant-based family F below.

1/ Beetroot "Balls"


Meet the deep-fried bread-crumbed beetroot snacks served with the Ellis dip. This 100% veggie finger food is a must-order!

2/ Goat Cheese Quinoa Salad


If you thought salads are for summer, we'll have to prove you wrong. The nutritious lentil-quinoa

base, honey-flavoured goat cheese, and a beetroot mix topped off with pistachio crumble will

surprise you again and again. Every bite you take.

3/ Holy Shiitake


Holy Shiitake, another gem to lick your fingers off. And even better: it's 100 % vegan. A

mushroomburger, with a mix of fresh mushrooms, baby spinach and red onion, finished with a

Korean black pepper sauce. Sounds good, doesn't it?

4/ The Beyond Burger


What tastes like beef, looks & feels like beef, but is absolutely not beef? The new, revolutionary and

sustainable plant-based Beyond burger! In fact, it's so meaty, you have to taste it to believe it. Their eternal quest for the Holy Grail of burgers ended up in California where they found this juicy, savoury meatless burger.

5/ Cray Red Veggie


Meet the Crazy Red Veggie, The crazy grandma in the Plant-based family.  A favourite to order and it's been on the menu for as long as we can remember.  What can you expect: red pepper-soyburger, baby spinach, rocket salad, pecan nuts, red onions, tomato and Ellis famous lemon mayonnaise. Yum!

6/ Fries, Fries, fries


Why go for regular fries when you can order these tasty Sweet Potato Fries with Ellis vegan mayo.

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