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Meet the heroes who bring your food!

Meet the people who bring your food !

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's our beloved Deliveroo bikers that you see in every street, every day! Besides coloring the city teal, these heroes (or also called heroos!) always make sure to bring your favourite food in time to your door. They bring the yummiest dishes around the city. But who are these people on their bike? Get to know the people who bring you your food!

Floor (23), Antwerp


Floor has been working for Deliveroo since february. She lives in Vorselaar, combines her job with her social work studies and lives in Antwerp. Of the 2500 active bikers in Belgium, almost 13% is women, and Floor is very proudly one of them. As a student, the flexibility of being a biker was a huge advantage for her.

"Biker girls are still a minority,

But I do know a few. I have applied when I heard the stories of two friends who already worked for Deliveroo. If I see another woman on a bike, I'll wave, but I actually also do that to the male bikers. We truly form one big community and I became close friends with some colleagues! We take over each other's shifts when somebody has to cancel and we meet up regularly."

"I have the best job in the world when the sun shines.

Bikers meet up at a fixed starting point, where we all chill together, listen to music or even play cards before orders start arriving. Awesome! Thankfully there are also nice shelter points when it rains or freezes, bars where we can wait and have a drink. Non-alcoholic of course! (laughs)"

"I became a lot fitter since I started this job. No need to go to the gym anymore! I also noticed that I bike a lot better when I'm wearing my uniform. I really feel like Peter Sagan in my Deliveroo t-shirt (laughs). It's all in my head of course, but everything runs more smoothly when I'm wearing my rider outfit."

Maybe you've already seen Floor cruising around Antwerp? Feel free to wave when you do this summer!

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Sylvain (29), Brussels


"As long as my legs and brains cooperate, I don't see any reason why I would do anything else."

Sylvain Merlo cycles every week about 350km in Brussels with a total of almost 15 000km per year! To give you a better idea: professional riders cycle between 15 000 and 30 000km, depending on their training schedule. Sylvain works with Deliveroo 40 hours per week and takes on average 13 shifts per week. But he likes the flexibility of deciding his own schedule.

"Sport and food, that's my life!

"Being a biker is more than just a job for some of us, it's a real mentality." Sylvain was in Paris last summer for the 24th edition of the world championship of cyclists. An awesome opportunity for the 600 participants to share their passion with each other over a few beers. A week spent with bikers from all over the world creates strong ties!

If you have already ordered in Brussels, chances are big that Sylvain brought you one of your meals!

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Mascha (22), Ghent


Mascha combines a couple of other jobs next to delivering food.

"I actually studied to become an illustrator, but I also am a circus artist and with this job I can perfectly stay in shape! I can combine it with my other jobs as a bartender or as a drawing model. The bikers all get together at a fixed place at the start of a shift, and we also have a bar where Deliveroo pays half of our non-alcoholic drinks. So we have a place to shelter between two orders when the weather isn't great. They really try to make a community out of it, which is very cool."

Maybe this powergirl will bring your next delivery in Ghent!

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Order here and maybe you'll receive your next order from one of these three heroes! Also want to become a biker? Apply here

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