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The Biggest Neighbourhood Bistro

The biggest neighbourhood bistro

The Horeca sector has been severely affected by the Covid-19, if Belgian restaurants have been working hard to provide us with delicious meals, they need our love and support more than ever.

This is why we have partnered up with The Grootste BuurtBistro initiative of DinnerGift and Giveaway.be, a solidarity event that aims at challenging the citizens of Belgium to order 100.000 meals from their local restaurants all across Belgium to create the biggest neighbourhood bistro ever organized.

This Saturday 23th May, we are inviting every Belgian to take part in this moment of conviviality. The concept is simple: create a virtual table here, order your favourite food from your local restaurants on Deliveroo, put on a dash of music, join your dedicated google.meet call and meet the other participants of your virtual neighbourhood party (you might even get the chance to be joined by a celebrity).

Breakfasts, drinks, pastries, dinner menu, desserts... order anything that might please you! To help you support Belgian restaurants, we are offering you €5 off on every order from now until Sunday 24/05 with the code LOVEMYRESTO (minimum €15 spend).

For the zones in which Deliveroo doesn't operate, you can still click here to see if one of your local restaurants is participating.

This Saturday, stand united with your local chefs, put your feet under the table, set up the party mode and enjoy The Greatest Neighbourhood Bistro in the country!

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