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  2. Four amazing women rocking the Belgian food industry
Four amazing women rocking the Belgian food industry

Four amazing women rocking the Belgian food industry

Here at Deliveroo, we're celebrating International Women's Day by showcasing some of the brilliant women we work with. What do these four inspiring women have in common? Their passion and dedication for food which has seen them excel at their professions.

Andréanne - Les Super Filles du Tram


A lot of people were coming into the kitchen and looking for the Chef. I was like " hi, it's me! ".

It's widely reported that there's a shortage of female chefs. Created almost ten years ago by two enthusiastic young women, the Super Filles du Tram is a story of friendship, sharing, generosity and pleasure.

A pleasure that still tastes in every burger and every salad.

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Barbara - Business Development Manager


I have three small kids at home. So it's a real challenge to combine work, social life and private life.

It's not easy to juggle a full-time job with family life. Barbara works full-time, raises three children and she still finds room for personal time and growth. The key is to focus on a plan, get organized, and find the right balance.

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Manon - Rider


As a woman, it's difficult to be taken seriously. It's not really easy because girls are still a minority.

Manon has been working for Deliveroo for a year. She lives in Brussels, combines her job with her social life and studies. Of the 2600 active bikers in Belgium, only 10% are women and Manon is very proudly one of them. As a student, the flexibility of being a biker was a huge advantage for her.

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Vi - Commercial director


I have a strong personality and it's helped me in most situations. I also have had the chance in my previous jobs and at Deliveroo to have always been surrounded by very respectful individuals. I would not have lasted a single day if it was not the case. Click here to check the interview.

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