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  2. Exam stress? 5 ways for students to eat better
Exam stress? 5 ways for students to eat better

Exam stress? 5 ways for students to eat better

The life of a student is something else. Sure you have a lot of time but no money, a lot of classes but no obligations, a lot of parties and barely hangovers (lucky you!). However, two times a year, you are asked to prove to yourself ( teachers, parents, friends,...)  that you mastered the courses of one semester and that you are on your way to becoming the next big thing.

Done are the parties, sleeping late, chilling with friends, binge-watching Netflix(or not)... it's you and your books.  Whether you're desperately cramming for exams, still ghosting your group for that thesis or ticking off final assignments with the vigour that only upcoming winter break can provide – exams are stressful.

Don't let food become part of that problem – no more frantic freezer raids, no more easy but let's-face-it not that healthy takeaway, we've got lots of tasty and nutritious dishes just waiting for you. Take a quick study break, check these out, and before you know it you'll be enjoying your favourite restaurants from your dorm or your desk!

1. Sushi

When you study, you use your brain more than ever so it's important to give it fuel to keep going strong. Eating fatty fish will help you utilize your maximum brain capacity. Together with Sushiria, we've created a Blocus menu, specially catered for students. Delicious and nutritious, the ultimate treat!Deliveroo

2. Juice, juice, juice baby

Nothing better than a juice to get the ultimate vitamin boost. Getting your daily greens has never been easier. At Bon, you can also get a healthy salad to complete your meal. Your mother will be proud of you!

3. Fit with Fithap

At Fithap, you get what you see - unembellished goodness packed with as many nutrients as possible. Any of the bowls can be filled with some of the most powerful super brain-foods around such as broccoli, beetroot, spinach, pumpkin seeds, nuts and oats. And don't get us started with their mouth-watering wraps.

4. Break your fast

Breakfast becomes even more vital when you're likely to be awake and studying intently for long periods of the day. Fruit salad, green juices, egg pots, Budwig or muesli will all give you an edge and are available to order at Exki whenever you need them.

5. Spaghetiii

After a long day's slog in the library, sometimes you just need a generous bowl of pasta. Shaved parmesan will help you to forget the horror of the day, and enjoy some well-deserved relaxation until it starts all again tomorrow. We love Bavet!

Oh exams, why are you so hard? When studying feels a bit like slowly 'stuDYING', Deliveroo is here for you.

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