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  2. Eat like Meghan, look like Meghan!
Eat like Meghan, look like Meghan!

Eat like Meghan, look like Meghan!

She may be 36, but she doesn't look a day older than when she first started in Suits, seven years ago. It's safe to say, we want the same! Meghan admits to being a real foodie, while still maintaining a balanced healthy diet. Let's find out some of her best tips.  

1. Healthy, healthier, healthiest

According to Meghan, indispensable in her balanced lifestyle. She herself prefers a green smoothie over that 4 o'clock pick me up coffee. " It's easy to fall into the trap of rushing for a coffee when you hit that 4pm slump,' she explains, 'but if I blend some apple, kale, spinach, lemon and ginger in my juicer in the morning and bring it to work, I always find sipping on that is a much better boost than having a cup of espresso.' (Dailymail.co.uk,2018)


2. Lemon, ginger tea

As if waking up in the morning isn't tough enough already, the only thing that seems to help us get through the day is that necessary cup of coffee. If you want to look like Meghan of course, that little habit has to go, She begins her day with hot water, lemon & ginger.  Why not try it out?


3. Gluten, bye bye

You may have noticed Markle's smooth, blemish free skin to die for. Her secret; no gluten allowed. Leaving gluten out of her diet has drastically improved her skin and has given her an extra energy boost. Side note: she does admit to not being able to resist a delicious pasta dish. Pfieuw, neither can we!  


4. The fish and the dish

Throw away your boring sandwich, say hello to veggies and fresh fish. That doesn't sound to bad, don't you think? Perhaps a bit more effort, but if you want to be beautiful…. You know the rest.


5. It's all about balance

When she's not on set or she has some time off, she treats herself with the food she loves. Then it's time to enjoy her favourite dishes- including french fries.  Life and food is all about balance after all.


Being healthy is not always an easy task, let along cooking veggies with fish every day or preparing a juice/smoothie in the morning. We can help you. Meanwhile, you can prepare yourself mentally for the Royal Wedding on May 19th and see Meghan shine at the altar!

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