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Comfort food: 5 heartwarming dishes

Comfort food : 5 heartwarming dishes

The winter has officially arrived. Short, cold and rainy days are ahead of us with almost no chance of sushine. Don't be fooled, the sun may shine once in awhile but she will not grace us with warmth. The only thing that will never let you down is food. So discover below some of our favorite comfort dishes that will warm your bones in no time.

1/ Spaghetti bolognaise


The spaghetti bolognaise truly deserve a lifetime food award for most loved dish around the globe. We aren't joking when we're talking about such a delicious meal. Homemade or home delivered? It's all up to you!


Antwerpen, Gent, Leuven

2/ Stoemp with sausage


Grandma's kitchen is the best kitchen! A Belgian classic dish that every kid has had the joy to taste is the 'Stoemp' with sausage. It's mashed potatoes at its best! Believe me when I say, there aren't a lot of dishes who can compete with this.

Les Brassins
Keyenveldstraat 36 - 1050  Elsene

3/ Meatballs


The Belgian kitchen has many wonderful dishes and Ball's n Glory is an expert when it comes to authentic meatballs. Especially on one of those cold winter evenings when you're in desperate need of some heartwarming food, a meatball lying on a bed of mashed potatoes surrounded by 2 delicious sauces is the answer.

Balls & Glory  
Gent, Leuven, Antwerpen, Brussel



Nothing better to fight the chill or a cold than a bowl of delicious warm soup. Lucky for us, nobody will judge you for eating too much of it. Why not try something different, like the Tom Kha Koong soup from Thai Café? We highly recommend.

Thai Café
Chaussée de Bruxelles, 208, Waterloo - 1410

5/ Hot Dogs


Experience a cold winter's day in Manhattan right here in Liège at Huggy's Dogs with authentic homemade hot dogs. Perfect as a stop during your shopping trip with friends or family.

Huggy's Dogs

Rue Pont-d'Avroy 30, Luik, 4000

Need the fuel to fight the winter's chill? Order here one of the above dishes.

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