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  2. Celebrate Veganuary with these delicious vegan-friendly dishes!
Celebrate Veganuary with these delicious vegan friendly dishes!

Celebrate Veganuary with these delicious vegan-friendly dishes!

After every New Year's bash, we find ourselves craving a monstrously satisfying meal to delve into that will help us recover, detox and get us back on our feet. In celebration of Veganuary, we've put together a guide to some of the tastiest dishes available on Deliveroo. From vegan burgers to poke bowls, we've got your comfort food and your health-kick dishes covered from breakfast through to dinner.



The more popular veganism becomes, the more likely restaurant owners are to place special diet sections in their menus. This is exactly what has happened at AMI. This delicately made banana cake is one of our favourite sweet treats. If you're going to indulge, you may as well do it right!

Dream & Food


If you like pasta, then you'll love fregola (or fregula). Say hello to this ideal lunch: pumpkin fregola from Dream and Food. The dish is full of colours and super tasty. Perfect to fill your bell. Let's give it a go!



Do you dream of a great healthy option for lunch that can be delivered to your desk? We've got you covered with this health-kick dish. The Kilimanjaro is THE energy salad from EXKi. And guess what? It's gluten and lactose-free.

Fruitbox Bio


Boxes full of joy and happy stomachs, perfect for every office! All fruits are biological and the fruit baskets will provide you with a mix of delicious seasonal fruits. Click here to treat your office.



Greenway is the first restaurant in Europe to offer the Beyond Burger. A delicious 100% plant-based meatless burger that looks, cooks, sizzles and tastes like real meat. Its mission is to convert even the most dedicated carnivores and give them what they love so much about meat without the many downsides, such as health, sustainability and animal welfare.



We sure do like our potato in all shapes and sizes. Next to the classic Belgian fries we also love to stuff our potato with everything we can find. Our vegan choice? The Fresh Veggies from G-spud.



Kobap brings the best of Korean Bibimbaps into your bowl! The many variations of this traditional dish will make you travel for a moment. Open your horizons up and give a try to these healthy bowls!

Our favourite? The Dubu with marinated tofu.

Le Botaniste


Lots of people decide to make changes to their diet in the New Year and January is often the peak month for trying new diets or ways of eating. Let food be the medecine with Le Botaniste! You will love this Magic Miso Soup: golden miso broth, rice noodle, green peas, hiziki and tofu.

Le Pain Quotidien


Le Pain Quotidien believes that food should be simple, nourishing and delicious. That's why many of menu items are vegetarian and vegan. All you have to do is choose! Our favourite? The thai quinoa & sorgho.



Great-tasting pizza is no longer off-limits to vegans. Otomat creates delicious hand-made pizzas and offers two vegan version – Las Vega and Mega Vega. Are you ready for a true taste of Italy?

If you're struggling to keep up your vegan resolution; don't give up! Get some help by ordering in some great vegan dishes with Deliveroo.

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