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All the single foodies

All the single foodies...

...put your hands up! To all the single foodies out there, whether it's by choice or not. Whether you are suffering from the 'I'll never find the one'- syndrome or you are sick and tired of sharing your food (believe me, it's a thing). Whether love seems to always skip you or you are finding yourself on your own. We want you to know that November 11, the official Singles Day, is your day and we are celebrating YOU the best way we know- with food. We've summed up five reasons why being single is fabulous. Cheer with us and read on!

1/ Where's the PIZZAAA ?!

Ok, let's be honest! Have you ever eaten less than you actually wanted for fear of looking like a food obsessed person? If not, we definitely want your relationship! If yes, we totally understand. Being single means not having to justify or explain why your in desperate need of a second pizza. You just eat, because you can and wan to. And that's ok!


2/ Your bed, your rules

So much time of your life is spend in your bed and the older you get, the more you can truly enjoy the gift of sleeping. Being single means not sharing a blanket, not having to pick a side, not having to dim the light because someone wants to sleep, not having to explain why having dinner in bed is the best or why you absolutely have to binge watch that series tonight. But most importantly; no more waking up because of someone else snoring.


3/ Treat yourself

No need to spend hours looking for a present for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, valentines….you get it! Imagine how many burgers, nachos or donuts you could order with all this extra cash. A LOT!


4/ Single, ready to mingle

Socializing just became so much easier. No more holding back, trying to not talk too much or come across as too 'flirty'. No more misplaced jealousy or having to ask permission to go out with your friends. You can date, flirt, dance,,drink, party as much as you want. That's worth celebrating!  


5/ You do YOU  

Let's face it, you are awesome! There is nobody like you out in the world. You are unique and at the same time an endangered species. When the time comes to leave this world, literally no one will be able to replace you. Pretty powerful stuff. Go out there and do what YOU want to do. And if that's ordering a sushi boat for two, who are we to judge?


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