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  2. Curly, Skinny or Chunky fries? All fries are beautiful!
All fries are beautiful

Curly, Skinny or Chunky fries? All fries are beautiful!

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Here at Deliveroo, we don't discriminate… skinny, curly, chunky, twisted -  all fries are beautiful to us! In honour of National French Fries Day - yeah, that's a thing - we've decided to celebrate the diversity of the humble fry by having a little round-up of our favourite variations of these tasty golden morsels. Take a peek at these wonderful creations and we're sure you'll agree - no matter the shape or size, all fries are beautiful.

Skinny Fries

Let's start with the classic. The OG. The one that started everything. Without this fry, the world of french fries wouldn't be as interesting and wonderful as it is today. If you ask us, Skinny fries will always be a timeless beauty.


Hand-Cut Double Cooked Fries

Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, these luxurious fries may look chunky but you can bet that they're pretty funky too. They're also nice and weighty which makes them perfect for dipping.


Southwest Potato Twisters

A twisty take on a classic, these scrumptious Southwest Potato Twisters come topped in spicy queso, Monterey Jack cheese, pico de gallo, sour cream and fresh cilantro. If anything is going to convince you to put fries before guys - this is it.


Curly Fries

Stop the impossible standards set by the media! Real fries have curves. Just kidding - all fries are real fries and we can't pick favourites.

We're loving these fries with a twist (literally). Whether that be their lightly spiced exterior, their springy interior or the fact that they're fun to play with, we're sold.


Potato Wedges

Crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside, these potato wedges are slightly earthier than your classic skinny fry. Salty and lightly spiced, wedges have a wholesome feel that pretty much everybody loves.


Sweetheart Fries

Ditch bae and spend the day with your new sweetheart. A favourite of the health conscious, sweet potato fries have really exploded in the last few years. We love that these fries come with a side of beetchup - a delicious and colourful beetroot dip.


Gourmet Spicy Green Fries

Spice lovers only! These skinny fries are topped in onion confit, jalapenos, parmesan cheese and a spicy green sauce, giving them a real fiery edge. Some may find these fries a little too hot to handle - you've been warned.


Pick your favourite, get involved and show a fry some love today! Friendships end over the last fry - order enough to go around.

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