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 5 tips to survive “at-home” exams

5 tips to survive “at-home” exams

If the final exams period is generally daunting, studying to take your exams at home can be a real nightmare. When you thought that those weeks of cramming, sleep deprivation and questionable hygiene weren't enough, the usual library lockdown that strangely helped you overcome this challenge is now taking place in your own living room, questioning your ability to be productive and give your parents the diploma they will be so proud of (and which they finance). If some of you are still thinking about what would happen if you ran away and ignored absolutely everything, here are some tips that could make this "at-home" exam period much easier.

Everything starts with a study schedule

Managing your time and creating a proper study schedule is the key to nail this period of heavy studying from home (who knew right?). Try to stick to the same amount you would have spent at the library, go on regular breaks and make this daily timetable that will keep you from mixing up Netflix and studying time.

Set up a dedicated study space

Let's just face it, your bed is not your best ally when it comes to getting some work done. To make this transition from the library to your home easier, keep distractions to a minimum (which sadly include scrolling down your Instagram feed) and find this organized "Hermite spot" in your home where you can just lay down everything you need. You can even get the library feeling by playing "study with me" lives organized by Influencers on youtube: what a wonderful world!

It's all about "brain food"

Exams are hard. Period. That's why it's important to give brain the fuel to keep going, something that can be only be achieved with eating the right food. Do you want to improve your memory and even reduce short term memory loss? Go for dishes made of olive oil, broccoli, seeds, nuts or even blueberries. If you need more energy, foods rich in vitamin B like eggs or whole grains will get you covered. Finally, fatty fishes are also recognized as the best brain food around; could you think about a better excuse to order sushi? We can't.

Stay in touch with other students

Do not forget that your Skype calls that were so useful to organise virtual Apero's during the lockdown can also be translated into meaningful study sessions. Organizing quizzes, helping each other out and teaching your friends or classmates are very good techniques when it comes to memorizing material and fully understanding concepts.

Takeaway night

After a heavy session of revising, no one will blame you if you have not the strength of cooking a balanced meal. Instead of spending the last energy you have cooking up a storm, treat yourself with your favourite takeaway meal. Yes, there are huge benefits of staying healthy, however, it shouldn't be a reason to starve yourself of any pleasure life (food) can offer. So order your favourite dish, put on your favourite TV show and relax. Stress can wait until tomorrow. That pizza you ordered will definitely help you nailing tomorrow's study session, we promise.

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