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  2. 5 healthy eating resolutions you can actually stick to
5 healthy eating resolutions you can actually stick to

5 healthy eating resolutions you can actually stick to

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What's your healthy eating goal for 2018? Rather than setting yourself up to fail with unrealistic diets,

kick-start your year with smaller, more achievable healthy tweaks instead. Here is our selection of 5 delicious and nutritious dishes.



Low in calories, loaded with proteins, rich in healthy fats...The health benefits of falafel will make you want to grab some balls and chow down.

You should try this: Falafel Bowl - Le Pain Quotidien



Do you remember how many times your mom told you that eating fish is good for the brain and that it would make you smarter? Well, she was right! Fish contains Omega 3, which we're told is very good for you indeed.

You should try this: Paimpol - EXKi



Lentils are an amazing source of protein, so anyone who thinks that vegetarians don't get enough of the stuff need to think again. Not only that, but guess what? They're delicious!

You should try this: Lentilles à l'Orientale- AMI



Gluten-free and high in dietary fibre, protein and vitamins, this little grain is a popular choice for all. When it comes to turning this super grain into a memorable meal, you can't go wrong with our restaurants. 

You should try this: Salad Veggie - Ba.Ba Bagel Bakery



It's the time of year when we all want something a bit lighter and healthier to eat at lunchtime or even in the evening. Salad is the ultimate health food!

You should try this: Olé Olé - Aqua Reel

And don't forget, it's easy to find healthy dishes on Deliveroo – just hit the 'healthy food' option when browsing restaurants.

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