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  2. 5 dishes to eat without cutlery
5 dishes to eat without cutlery

5 dishes to eat without cutlery

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You've probably already encountered it, you're at work, in the park or you just don't have any clean forks anymore. Ain't nobody got time to do the dishes! Sometimes, you just happen to be somewhere without any cutlery. Luckily, there are plenty of food options where you only need your hands, or where you get all you need delivered! And we promise it won't be a mess!

  1. Mamma Roma


The delicious pizza's from Mamma Roma will not only make your mouth water, they are also already cut out in a square form. No more fight over the last piece, everybody has their own slice. We guarantee that it won't be a mess!  

Mamma Roma in Chatelain, Boondael, Flagey, Jourdan and Parvis St. Gilles.  

  1. EXKi


Don't we all love to wake up on a lazy sunday and eat a delicious brunch in a park? And we all know that some of the best brunch options come from EXKi! Something healthy or something more sugary? We know there will for sure be something that you'll love! They even made a guide to the best picnic spots in your city!

Order from EXKi in Brussels and Antwerp.

  1. Boco


And when you don't have cutlery, we can always bring it to you! With the fantastic picnic boxes from Boco, everything you need is delivered to you! Yummy food, forks and knives included! Isn't it time to throw this romantic picnic? No preparation needed!

Order from Boco in Brussels.

  1. Del Popolo


Feeling a bit creative? Or craving special combinations? At Del Popolo, you can create your own pizza! Pick your own cheese, meat, vegetables…anything you like! The combinations are endless! The most amazing pizza, especially for you. To make it totally perfect, order some fresh beers with it. Perfect match, right?

Order from Del Popolo in Antwerp.

  1. Hoeked


Even if you've already eaten too much, there will always be room for a good doughnut! And we're all hooked on the insta-worthy donuts from Hoeked. Get one for yourself or order a big box to share! (or not…)

Order from Hoeked Doughnuts in Antwerp.

Did all this food make you hungry or just crave something good? Order here your favourite dish and order it wherever, whenever you like!

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