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14 cities and their best picnic spots

14 cities and their best picnic spots

No need to travel abroad anymore to catch the sun. Belgium is delivering an awesome summer. With nice temperatures and the sun shining daily, we can't think of a better way to soak up the sun than to picnic in the nearest park. We've gathered our favourite picnic spots in our 14 cities to order from.

1. Brussels

Brussels never fails to deliver beautiful and lively hidden spots to enjoy a picnic. From historical parks to little public parks, we got our favourites summed up here with the perfect match:

2. Liège

The third largest city of Belgium combines beautiful architecture with green getaways and secret little gardens. Our favourite spots to enjoy a picnic:

3. Antwerpen

Antwerpen kicks off the summer right with these beautiful and fun spots to picnic at:

4. Ghent

In Ghent, people love to eat by the water, also known as 'de Waterkant'. If you prefer a greener view, we recommend you to picnic here:

5. Waterloo  

Waterloo has many larger parks to enjoy the outdoors or to relax and soak up the sun. Our favourite is the Waterloo Park, known as the jewel of the city, it's the best place to enjoy a picnic delivered by us. .

6. Brugge  

The Venice of the North doesn't disappoint when it comes to parks. Enjoy a picnic on a boat cruising through the city or in one of these green refuges:

7. Mechelen  

The historical city Mechelen has everything a person could want- beautiful buildings, water and parks. These are our favourites:

8. Charleroi

Known mostly for her airport, the industrial city of Charleroi has much to offer when it comes to green hideaways. Our favourite spot is the Reine Astrid park. 

9. Hasselt

A small city, but a big heart! Hasselt doesn't have a lot of parks but the ones they have are worth your time.

Picnic in the Japanese Garden or the city park. Your choice!

10. Kortrijk

Kortrijk has some beautiful places to enjoy a picnic with family, friend or just you:

11. Leuven

During the summer when all the students have left, Leuven is the ideal refuge for a picnic in the park. These are our favourite spots:

12. Knokke

Knokke has perhaps one of the best view to enjoy a picnic. We can't think of a better way to soak up the sun than on the beach with your toes in the sand.

13. Namur

The capital of Wallonia has a lot to offer when it comes to picnic spots. Our personal favorite? The citadelle, where you can enjoy both your favorite food and a majestic view of the city.

14. Oostende

Who can think of a better place to enjoy a picnic than Belgium's finest coastline? Sunset, sand, food, friends.. What else could we ask for. However, if you are looking for a greener haven, head straight to the Maria-Hendrika park, you will not be disappointed!

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