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100% carbon offset from pickup to delivery

Deliveroo has become the first Belgian delivery platform to offset 100% of carbon emissions arising from delivery orders made through our platform.

The carbon offset program is fully funded by Deliveroo, at no cost to restaurants or customers, and will offset all deliveries - from point of origin to the restaurant, and restaurant to the customer.

Why is Deliveroo offsetting its carbon footprint?

The vast majority of Deliveroo's riders across Belgium complete deliveries on bikes, but some prefer motorised vehicles, and our fleet is growing year on year. We acknowledge the contribution Deliveroo makes to Belgium's carbon footprint, and we are excited and proud to be doing something about it.

The decision to offset our carbon emissions follows a number of sustainability initiatives we have launched in the past, such as Beach Clean Ups in Oostende partnering with reusable think-thank The Recycling Network and the eco-friendly packaging company Bunzl. We're committed to doing our best for restaurants, riders, customers, and the planet, and to make a positive impact on the communities in which we operate. That's why we incentivise the use of bikes also via our partners BillyBike, Swapfiets, Zzoemer and e-bike to go.

We also recognise that environmental sustainability is a cause that is increasingly at the forefront of people's minds. Comes recently commissioned a consumer research that revealed:

  • that 75% of respondents expect each company to take steps to reduce its ecological footprint.
  • The same study also shows that 81% of respondents believe that an environmentally friendly option should be the standard delivery option.

The Deliveroo initiative is therefore a response to the demand of many consumers and does not require any additional costs either.

These findings demonstrate the extent that our carbon offsetting initiative will resonate with our customers.

What type of carbon offsetting activities is Deliveroo getting involved in?

To offset these emissions, Deliveroo has purchased carbon offsets for all deliveries over the next year with Belgian start-up Tapio. The carbon offsets will help fund the Clean Cooking Alliance in Kenya.

What does this mean for me as a Deliveroo customer?

As a client on our platform, this now means that the delivery of all your orders that you place through the Deliveroo will be carbon neutral.

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