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10 of the weirdest dishes to order on Deliveroo

10 of the weirdest dishes to order on Deliveroo

Ever had a craving to order something different, something crazy risky where your either be pleasantly surprised or very disappointed? In a world of sameness, something different can just be the thing that changes everything. At least, for your tastebuds, it will. For all the adventurers out there, we've gathered a list of the 10 weirdest, trendiest but just mostly delicious dishes to order on Deliveroo. No need to travel far, enjoy these dishes from the comfort of your home and take your tastebuds on a culinary trip.

1/ Tatjespap

Famous in East and West Flanders, this dish will leave you wanting more. What can you expect?  A puree based on buttermilk, poached eggs, covered with grey shrimps. Authentic Belgian cuisine at its best.

Available to order at Mémé Gusta in Ghent.

2/ Lacquement

Also called a Lackmans, this thin oval has a liquid golden syrup filling. Mainly known in Antwerp and Liège as a dish to eat at a fair, this one is definitely on our to-order list. Available at Plouette and Delforge in Liège.

3/Cereal for breakfast

The good old cereal, everybody knows it! But we can guarantee you never had them delivered from Cereal Heaven. Think American style, over-the-top sugar rush and you almost get it right? Sometimes you just crave cereal for breakfast and what better way than to get it delivered straight to your door?  And for those who can't choose, just mix different types of cereal! Recently available at Cereal Heaven in Antwerp.

4/ Golden Sandwich


In itself, a sandwich is not a weird dish, but if 24-carat gold sandwich is unheard of. Sold under the name "24 Carat Magic", this luxury sandwich does belong on Deliveroo's list. Not sure whether to eat it or keep it to show off. One thing is for sure, this sandwich could only come from Antwerp. Available at Lions The King In Sandwiches.

5/ Mochi

Or Japanese rice cake. A traditional dish for the Japanese New Year, but now available all year round in different colours with numerous fillings and flavours. Think mini-icecream but different. Available to order in Brussels from Mochi Bar by Homemade Kitchen and MOCHI'S.


Or Baozi is a roll filled with yeast from the Chinese kitchen. We know it mainly as a steamed sandwich with different fillings of meat, fish or vegetarian. Discover your favourite Bao at Ichi Bao in Ghent, Wagamama in Antwerp and Let's Dim Sum and Sunny Bao in Brussels;


A mixture of sliced vegetables fried on teppanyaki and finished with a Japanese soy sauce. This Okoz is a typical Japanese street food classic which is available to order at Okoz in Antwerp.

8/ Bibimbap

A culinary journey to Korea? Thanks to Bibimbap you can taste a multitude of flavours and textures, based on mixed rice and finished with crunchy vegetables. Available to order at Bibimbap - Seoul Kitchen and KOBAP in Brussels.

9/ Bentō

The Japanese word for lunchbox translates into 'bentō' where you divide your meal into boxes. Ideal for picky eaters! A traditional bentō consists of rice, fish or meat and vegetables. Available to order in many different variations at Shinsen in Ghent, Miyako and Bento by Ryoma in Brussels.

10/ Octopus balls

Travel to Osaka where Takoyaki was invented. It is a round snack made from a batter of wheat flour. "Tako" means octopus and "Yaki" means baked. Order this Japanese snack in Antwerp at Takumi.

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