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Mother’s Day: 8 sweet places to get a treat for your mom.

8 sweet places to get a treat for Mother’s Day

With Mother's day around the corner, you are probably already wondering what to get your beloved mother. Lucky for you, we know something far more delicious and you don't even have to leave the house for it. Spoil your mother with a delicious brunch or some sweet desserts!

We selected some of the most delicious places to order something sweet for your mother!

1. Divers


Why not treat your mother to a healthy and yummy brunch? Choose from the most delicious smoothie and açai bowls to get a perfect start of the day!

Where: Divers, Antwerpen

2. Cucina Delle Zie


These pistachio cupcakes will most definitely win your mother's heart (and yours too). Instead of buying a gift, why not order a nice box of cupcakes and enjoy it all together?

Where: Cucina Delle Zie, Brussels

3. Coffeelabs


What do you think about a nice afternoon treat with a piece of cheesecake and a fresh juice or a cup of coffee? We think she will love this!

Where: Coffeelabs, Antwerpen

4. Coup de Soup


A nice lunch with some delicious dessert. Or only the dessert… Try some of the guilty pleasures from Coup de Soup for Mother's Day. By the way calories don't count that day :)

Where: Coup de Soup, Leuven

5. Belga & Co


Surprise your mother with the most delicious piece of chocolate pie and the best coffee! Don't worry about baking a pie, we'll bring everything to you!

Where: Belga & Co, Brussels

6. Chouconut


Have you already tried the delicious and creamy choux pastries from Chouconut? We are sure this tasty treat would be an amazing mother's day gift. Order a big box of choux and enjoy this colourful treat with her! Bet that you'll become the favorite child after this.

Where: Chouconut, Brussels

7. Forcado


Don't feel like eating regular cakes? Order the delicious Pasteis de Nata to bring the sun to her heart. This treat will most certainly be the best gift out there. Plus, you'll get to taste it too! (unless she doesn't share food) And maybe the right time to tell her that your bloated belly isn't from this dessert.

Where: Forcado, Brussels

8. 12-30


Who doesn't like to receive a piece of chocolate cake? That's right, nobody. Surprise your mother with a delicious 'moelleux' or invite her over to enjoy it together.

Where: 12-30 Boulevard, Liège

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