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Dish of the day: tacos

Dish of the day: tacos

Tacos have had a makeover lately. A wave of new Mexican restaurants have sprouted across Belgium, bringing authentic and thrilling flavours right to our doorsteps. Think rich and luscious slow-cooked meat or crispy fried fish in traditional soft corn tortilla wraps, topped off with fresh and zingy salsa. Now that's exciting.

But where to get them? We think CHEZWaWa, Mixco Urban Mexican Taste and Mex y Fresh have some of the best tacos around.

An old favourite


When we think about tacos, we picture a round tortilla folded around tasty fillings. From here, everyone's preferences are almost limitless – and we all have our favourite way of eating tacos.

Whether it's with chicken, beef, seafood, pork, cheese or vegetables in the middle, and salsa, cilantro, crema, onions, guacamole, or tomatoes piled on, tacos are perfect for customising. And throw away your cutlery – pick tacos up and eat them with your hands for a messy, magnificent experience.

Tacos' explosive history


Tacos' history isn't nailed down. There's evidence of people living in the Valley of Mexico eating tacos filled with tiny fish, but a Spanish conquistador recorded the first taco feast for Europeans around the early 16th century.

Another theory refers to 18th century Mexican silver mines – a 'taco' was a piece of paper wrapped around gunpowder and used as an explosive charge. Though these tacos weren't consumed, there's mentions of actual edible tacos de minero, or miner's tacos, later on. However they came about, we're glad they did.

Something old, something new


At Mixco Urban Mexican Taste, they keep things traditional. Their Tacos Cochinita Pibil refers to a cooking method dating back to before Columbus set foot in the Americas — pibil is a Yucatan word referring to the clay pots used to slowly simmer pork. And with heritage like that, it would be rude not to try their tacos stuffed with slow-cooked pork marinated in a unique blend of spices, charred garlic, and finished with a whack of citrus from bitter Seville oranges.

Mex y Fresh put the power in your hands and let you build your own taco. Choose from marinated grilled chicken, tender beef or vegetables, but we can't get over the chorizo filling. Made from Ardennes pork and marinated in a rich adobo chilli sauce before it hits the grill, it adds a spicy, tangy flavour that we just love. Pick potatoes with rosemary or coriander and lemon rice for your carb, decide how spicy you want it, then add any extra. Why have any old taco when you could have your dream finger food?

They're also all about the build-your-own over at CHEZWaWa, with – alongside their classic toppings – a whole stack of vegetarian options. Jam-pack your taco with grilled vegetables and guacamole or spiced tofu, white rice and black beans – and don't forget the salsa. Add a generous helping of jalapeños too if you like the spice.

Has all this talk tickled your appetite for tacos? Check out your Mexican favourite here on Deliveroo.

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