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Meet the team - Vi, Commercial Director

Meet the team - Vi, Commercial Director

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What is your job at Deliveroo? I am Commercial Director - together with my team, we look after Business Development, Account management, Sales Strategy and Restaurant Support for Belgium. We are here to make sure you can get the food you want, where you want. We bring on the platform the restaurants customers want and we also make sure restaurants are satisfied working with Deliveroo.

How do you manage your private life and work life? This has been my biggest challenge since I joined Deliveroo. The last 3.5 years have been the most stimulating professional ride, working 24/7 the first year and not counting hours since then. Since the beginning, travelling has been my way to keep the balance. I try to travel abroad when I can to get real time off work.

How do you feel working in a male-dominated work environment? I have a strong personality and it's helped me in most situations. I also have had the chance in my previous jobs and at Deliveroo to have always been surrounded by very respectful individuals. I would not have lasted a single day if it was not the case.

Internally at Deliveroo, it's more about bringing a different point of view to the table. With restaurants owners, I can only recall two times in 3 years where I clearly felt like the person in front of me had no consideration for me because I was a woman. I tend to distance myself and not to take it personally. If respectful business is possible, I can let it go. If not, I'd rather not engage since I know the team and eventually the business will then have to suffer from that collaboration.

What are your daily difficulties as a woman? I don't have difficulties that would be directly linked to being a woman. Working in such a fast-paced environment comes with a work-life balance challenge and I do however think I would have a hard time working the way I do today if I had kids to raise at the same time. I would assume the challenge would be similar for any caring dad in my position.

Do you have any advice for other females in the industry? I've always put respect as basis for any interaction and collaboration whether with colleagues or external parties. That advice goes for everyone I guess. The line can't be blurry when it comes to respect, whether you're a woman or not.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I see myself working with a team and have a daily impact on the organization I work for whether my own or not. The rest is very much open to what life brings on ! Maybe running a hotel?

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