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  2. Meet the team - Martin, Rider Supply Associate
Meet the team - Martin, Rider Supply Associate

Meet the team - Martin, Rider Supply Associate

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What do you do at Deliveroo? I'm a Rider Supply Associate. Fancy name isn't it? Except for my own team, nobody understands what I do. In fact, I'm working on very different projects every month which makes my life at Deliveroo very exciting. Basically, I need to acquire and retain riders as much as possible for every Deliveroo city in Belgium.

How do you manage your private life and work life? Work hard, play hard, right? When I'm at the office I really focus on my job and I'm fully dedicated to my projects but when my brain tells me it's enough for the day, it's enough. Then it's time for a foamy beer with friends.

How is your relationship with riders? In my point of view, excellent. I might even be too kind with them if you ask some people but we shouldn't forget that together with restaurants and customers, they are the heart of Deliveroo. I value their work and one of my personal goals is to make them feel good while riding for Deliveroo.

If this goal is fulfilled, I will carry my stone of the Deliveroo's building.

Do you have a favourite place to travel to? Oh yeah! Every penny I spend is either on drinks/restaurants or either on travels (and housing but that's not fun). My favourite place is definitely Ericeira in Portugal. Huge cliffs ending up in the wild ocean. Beautiful natural surfing spot, only 45' from the coolest city on earth (after Brussels), Lisboa. Perfect mix for me as I need nature but can't get away from the city's excitement.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Pretty easy. I'll open my own café. The aim is to build a nice and fancy (after)workplace with small fresh, local and healthy food as well as a really strict selection of good wines and beers. I can already tell you that you'll all be invited!

Are you a good cook? Not at all! I can do a veggie burger or/and tomato pasta. I'm the perfect Deliveroo's customer.

What is your favourite restaurant? I like virtual brands such as Kobap and Papa Puccia!

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