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Dish Of The Day: Meatballs

Dish of the day: meatballs

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You're probably used to meatballs being traditional. Maybe a classic Italian meatball dish, served in a rich tomato and herb sauce over pasta. Or perhaps comforting boulets à la liégeoise in thyme-infused gravy. But throw your meatball memories out of the window – balls have gone cool. 

Thoroughly modern meatballs from Balls & Glory are one of a kind: wrapped in a crispy coating, with a wonderfully gooey centre. Did we mention that Balls & Glory was also awarded the prestigious title of Best Food Concept in Europe, only a year following its opening? You're going to see a lot more of these tasty morsels popping up in new cities and foodie festivals all over the place. The ball has only just started rolling…

Small in size, big in flavour


These are mighty meatballs. They are handmade with seasonal ingredients and use top-quality herbs and spices, without any artificial ingredients. They are the perfect size to leave you feeling satisfied (though there's nothing wrong with eating more than one).

Which ball is for you?

With around 20 different flavour balls in every seasonal collection, how do you know where to start? Pork is a firm favourite, and the classic choice for meatballs, but there are chicken and vegetarian options too, all paired with seasonal veggies.

The 3 Cheeses is where it all began. A hand-turned ball of honest pork is stuffed with parmesan, gruyere and pecorino, creating a rich and gooey heaven. The Béarnaise takes that cheesy goodness and adds real béarnaise sauce, creamy butter with shallots, and plenty of tarragon.

You could opt for a taste of the East, with a Tikka Masala ball, a fun twist on; the fragrant and spicy Indian speciality.

If you're feeling fancy, the Chicken, Mushroom and Truffle ball recreates 'the atmosphere of a French vol-au-vent', brought together with a touch of truffle oil. And the Chicken and Spinach Seawater ball is culinary creativity at its finest.


How the ball got rolling

The concept was crafted by Wim Ballieu in his quest for a simple, original and tasty recipe that would satisfy hungry stomachs, opening its doors as a pop-up lunch restaurant in 2012. The idea for Balls & Glory was born.

You can dine at Balls & Glory restaurants in Brussels, Ghent, Antwerp and Leuven, where the communal tables let you eye up everybody else's food. The balls are served with stoemp, salad, or seasonal greens – or you could ask for a little bit of everything.


 If you're struggling to decide on which flavour to go for, they've taken care of that too. There are always four Balls of the Day to choose from, which is the perfect place for first-timers to start.

It's never been easier to enjoy perfect meatballs at home. Brussels, Antwerp, Gent and Leuven locals can order Balls & Glory's signature dish through Deliveroo.

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