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  2. 8 healthy dishes for students
8 healthy dishes for students

8 healthy dishes for students

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You're now totally busy with exams... and summer holidays are just around the corner! Help! It is therefore important to stay focused but healthy at the same time. Getting enough sleep, doing some exercise and eating well is essential during this time! But we know that right now in June, you don't really feel like spending 2 hours in the supermarkets and 3h in the kitchen. And let's not forget the horrible dishes you'll have to do. Ain't nobody got time for that.

That's why we are coming to the rescue by bringing you healthy and filling meals! Here is our selection of 8 delicious and nutritious dishes to be productive like you've never been before! And if your exams didn't go so well, at least you'll be ready for the summer ;)

1. A risotto full of goods


Trieste is a risotto packed with everything you need to stay healthy and filled with energy during this hard time. You cannot go wrong with ingredients like spinach, green peas, snow peas and almonds. The bonus: it's vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and delicious! Perfect to nibble on while reading your notes.

Coming from: EXKi, Antwerpen and Brussels  

2. Salad from the southDeliveroo

When you haven't seen the daylight in days, you know it's time to get a salad filled with zucchini, sun dried tomatoes, artichoke, tapenade, rucola and parmesan. The most delicious ingredients the South has to offer will make you feel like you're in Spain instead of your desk for a moment :)

Coming from: Pitten en Bonen, Antwerpen  

3. To get the focus of a sensei


We've been told that martial art champions eat these Salmon Balls salad before they fight their enemies. That might not be entirely true but a dish made of spinach, salmon, quinoa and cashew nuts can only make you feel invincible! You 1 - 0 Study books. Let the battle begin!

Coming from: RAW Salad, Ghent 

4. Just like in Grandma's kitchen


"Mademoiselle Jeanne Dupain" is a wrap made of meatloaf with onions marmalade, rucola, leek sprouts, chives and lots of delicious things that could come directly from your grandmother's garden. You'll be boosted till midnight and won't crave any bad snacks.

Coming from: FRENZ Tasty bar, Liège

5. Fish for your brain Deliveroo

Do you remember how many times your mom told you that eating fish is good for the brain and that it would make you smarter? Well, she was right! You'll still have to study but eating this delicious Sormiou cod will make you feel great and ready to slay those exams! Cod, peas and lentils = the perfect combo. (lactose and gluten-free)

Coming from: EXKi, Brussels and Antwerpen 

6. Strong as goat cheese


Take a break, take a deep breath and go take a walk while your food is coming. No cooking + exercise = time efficient, right? Nood makes a very delicious salad made of goat cheese, fresh spinach, mushrooms, walnuts, apple and chives. Balanced and yummy, yes please!

Coming from: Nood- Salad Bar, Brussels 

7. The reason you woke up this morning   Deliveroo

Homemade, organic, plant-based yoghurt with homemade vegan granola and red fruits coulis. You can't do better on the scale of "I'm eating right during my exams". Besides having a delicious breakfast, you'll also score a lot of likes on Instagram with this dish!  

Coming from: Carotterie, Antwerpen 

8. You deserve a good meal, treat yourself.


After a heavy study day, you deserve something to treat yourself. Go for something that will make you feel good about yourself and not guilty the next day. Say no to sugar crushes. Humus, tabbouleh, vegetables, goat cheese and eggplant, the best Oriental specialties reunited in one plate.

Coming from: Horia, Brussels

We are here to bring you the best food to eat while studying or just to give you strength before your exams. For more delicious and healthy dishes, go check on Deliveroo. u

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