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  2. 7 amazing restaurants you can try at Sommar
7 amazing restaurants you can try at Sommar

7 amazing restaurants you can try at Sommar

Summertime also means plenty of uber-cool bars popping up in the city like mushrooms. But we aren't complaining! At Sommar - the trendiest spot at the Gerlachekaai in Antwerp, you can sip from the freshest cocktails by the water, hang out with the coolest people (which you are, obviously) and gaze into the sunset. But deep down, you know that a delicious meal makes your night. So why not have it all?

Discover 7 amazing dishes you can just order when at Sommar! So keep on moving on those funky beats while your favourite food is coming in a heartbeat!

1. Loa Streetfood


When we say they have the best pad thai chicken, you have to believe us! But obviously, you also have to order a few starters. Because food is life but also because they have the most amazing salmon croquettes and fried chicken! It's the fanciest street food you'll ever try!  We're getting hungry just thinking about it!

2. Tota


Order a big box full of yummy empanadas and you'll be the hero of the night! Careful! They'll be gone in a second, so make sure you've had enough for yourself! They'll go perfectly with a South American song, just go ask the DJ.

3. Finjan Deliveroo

If you're planning a big night, why not start with a delicious pita. But not just any pita, the fanciest and most delicious ones in town! You're not from Antwerp if you don't know that Finjan is the place to go for some top notch pita!

4. Poule & PouletteDeliveroo

When in doubt, choose chicken! Wings, nuggets or in a salad? All kinds of chicken are amazing! As an appetizer to share with friends or as a full meal to keep you going all night long!

5. De Bomma Deliveroo

Asia and Italian food might be very nice, but nothing tops the good old food from your grandmother. Sometimes, all you crave is authentic and delicious Belgian food. We're bringing you the finest gravy, vol-au-vent and croquettes to you at Sommar and then you'll be ready to party all night!

6. El PuertoDeliveroo

Tapas y patatas bravas? Si señor! For these incredible spanish tapas, you don't have to use your best Spanish, we've got you covered! They have an endless choice of authentic tapas, perfect with some wine or sangria right? Antwerp will feel like Spain for a minute! Ole!

7. Moochie Deliveroo

And when it's hot and you've had enough to eat, there's always room for dessert! So why not end the night with some frozen yogurt. Healthy fruit toppings or a chocolate overdose? It's all oh so delicious!

You can find Sommar at the Gerlachekaai in Antwerp. The bar is open from 5 P.M until 12 P.M during the week and from 3 P.M. until 12 P.M. in the weekend!

Feeling more like doing a night in on the couch? Don't worry, we'll be happy to bring you your favourites straight to your door!

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